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Assignment: Analyse the problems caused by changing economic conditions. To be written in a structured essay format and must include the following three parts: Part One of the Essay: Criteria 1.1 Analyse the problems for businesses caused by the changing economic conditions considering business/trade cycles, boom, recession, slump and recovery. (750 words) An analysis of the four stages of the business cycle and actions a business might take during each phase. The current rate of growth in the UK”s economy and a comparison with a country in the EU such as Germany, plus either USA or China. Which phase of the business cycle do you think the UK economy is currently in, justifying your answer. Part two of the Essay: Criteria 1.2 Analyse the reasons for inflation and evaluate its effects. (500 words) Identify what inflation is, what the causes are and evaluate how it impacts upon the economy. Part three of the Essay Criteria 1.3 Differentiate the different types of unemployment, identify their causes and interrelationships and evaluate government actions used to combat them. (750 words) Describe the different categories of unemployment, identifying their causes and effects on the nation”s economy. Evaluate a few of the government”s actions used to combat them.


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