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Assessment task 2: Data in the World: A Data Journey Intent This task requires you to analyse data to tell a story that is of personal or professional interest to you. You will apply the statistical and communication skills developed in the class sessions to the dataset, to tell a story about that data. The purpose of this activity is to give you experience in why and how to find data, how to analyse collected data and how to use the data to tell a story. You should draw conclusions based on analysis of your data. We will provide examples of data stories, and you may find additional authentic examples at the subject’s Diigo site More information  A Data Story is a story where the main ideas come from the data and from asking questions about the data. To write a Data Story we need to begin with data, analyse it, look for patterns in charts and tables, and write about what we observe, being clear about the evidence we give for any arguments or statements. Then we compare our findings with published work to see how our conclusions compare with what others have written about on that topic. A sample of the written report Here is the outline of how a data story could be written from data that we collected in class from students in a recent semester.  The data is in an Excel spreadsheet that you should look at first, to see how I analysed it and made lots of charts and tables. Note that I have not included in the written report all the tables and graphs that I generated from the data. I include the tables and graphs that best illustrate the main points of the story. For your AT2 we suggest that you do the same – have a spreadsheet where you start with raw data and do your analysis, then choose interesting parts from it for including in the written report. I have used subtitles to help the reader find their way around the story. This is the Spreadsheet: AEISp18ClassDataforDataStory.xlsx  (ATTACHED IN THE EMAIL ) This is the Sample Data Story written about the data in the Spreadsheet: SampleDataStoryMC.docx   (ATTACHED IN THE EMAIL ) You will find data and analyze it to tell a story. You need a short introduction to your data story, including the story of how you collected or located your data. There are some limitations on the type of data to be used, and you need to have your tutor’s approval for your choice of dataset. You should also research and consider external/ independent sources of information on the same theme as your data (e.g., news reports or journal articles). You should then compare and contrast your data, with the external/ independent information. Submission: Written report. Your report will include:  • A cover sheet (see last page of this Guide), including a title which clearly shows what the story is about. • An introduction to your data story. • Graphical illustrations that you have made yourself, showing the main statistical features of the data.  • The appropriate use of descriptive statistics to summarize the data.  • A written analysis of your research on external/independent sources of information. • Conclusions and mention of any limitations. You will also submit separately your Excel file with data, calculations and graphs. Suggested Length: Written report of about 1200 words (excluding appendices and cover sheet)


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