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Tourism Management DepartmentEVNT 2190Destination MarketingFinal Term QuizWinter, 2021Instructor: John DevittInstructions:} The quiz will be made available at 4:00pm, April 13, 2021. You will have 48 hours to complete.} The quiz is due no later than 4:00pm, April 15, 2021. Submissions after this deadline will be graded zero.} Label your answers clearly.} This exam is worth 15% of your course grade.} There are four questions to be answered in full.} You must save your completed quiz as a PDF and submit to the quiz Dropbox using the following namingformat [LAST NAME]_[FIRST NAME]_2190_QUIZ.PDF} You must support all responses with evidence from the text and any additional external research sourcesyou may find. ALL sources must be properly cited in the body of your work in proper APA formattingguidelines. You have lots of practice with this now from an entire semester’s worth of work. Any responsewhich does not have proper citations will automatically be graded zero.} One reference list may be provided at the end of your quiz, properly formatted according to APA 7guidelines. Response 1/ 20 marksResponse 2/ 20 marksResponse 3/ 20marksTOTAL/60 1. Visit and apply psychographic segmentation to Croatia. Based on what you see at website, and utilizing any additional sources you may find, identify which type of traveler wouldbe most interested in visiting and why. Use the Destination Canada EQ types for this answer. For yourresponse you must describe the traveler type selected and why being sure to include social values, travelvalues and identify specific activities that both WOULD and WOULD NOT be attractive to your selectedtraveller type.2. Destination IMC Analysis. Search online to identify a destination/tourism marketing plane that includesmarketing communications and promotion sections. Analyze this plan for elements of IMC. Include specificIMC objectives, tools, and activities. Summarize your response with a concise analysis of the strengths andweaknesses of the plan, and include 2 recommendations for what you should be changed or donedifferently.3. Read the articles posted to Moodle about TikTok marketing. Discuss how a DMO might use the app andspecifically to monetize and/or add value somewhere along the tourism chain for stakeholders. Whatsector of the tourism industry might best utilize this to increase revenues, and why? Explain your plan onhow this might work using a destination of your choice.


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