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School of Physics, Engineering and Computer SciencePage 1 of 3Assignment Briefing Sheet (2020/21 Academic Year)Section A: Assignment title, important dates and weighting Assignment title:Assignment 1 – Digital Forensics inPracticeGroup orindividual:Individual Module title:Digital ForensicsModulecode:7COM1067 Module leader:Chris TreglohanModerator’sinitials:JW Submissiondeadline:19-04-202116:00Target date for return ofmarked assignment:17-05-2021 You are expected to spend about30hours to complete this assignment to asatisfactory standard. This assignment is worth60%of the overall assessment for this module. Section B: Student(s) to complete Student ID numberYear Code Notes for students• For undergraduate modules, a score above 40% represent a pass performance at honours level.• For postgraduate modules, a score of 50% or above represents a pass mark.• Late submission of any item of coursework for each day or part thereof (or for hard copy submissiononly, working day or part thereof) for up to five days after the published deadline, coursework relatingto modules at Levels 0, 4, 5, 6 submitted late (including deferred coursework, but with the exception ofreferred coursework), will have the numeric grade reduced by 10 grade points until or unless thenumeric grade reaches or is 40. Where the numeric grade awarded for the assessment is less than40, no lateness penalty will be applied.• Late submission of referred coursework will automatically be awarded a grade of zero (0).• Coursework (including deferred coursework) submitted later than five days (five working days in thecase of hard copy submission) after the published deadline will be awarded a grade of zero (0).• Regulations governing assessment offences including Plagiarism and Collusion are available from (pleaserefer to UPR AS14)• Guidance on avoiding plagiarism can be found here:• Modules may have several components of assessment and may require a pass in all elements. Forfurther details, please consult the relevant Module Handbook (available on Studynet/Canvas, underModule Information) or ask the Module Leader. School of Physics, Engineering and Computer SciencePage 2 of 3Assignment Briefing Sheet (2020/21 Academic Year) This Assignment assesses the following module Learning Outcomes (from Definitive ModuleDocument):Successful Students will typically be able:4. to independently conduct digital evidence aspects of an investigation in the terms ofcollection and acquisition5. to critically analyse and evaluate digital evidence for reporting in a forensically soundmanner6. to apply knowledge in the current technological issues in digital forensicsAssignment Brief:Digital Forensics in PracticeThis is an individual assessment and carries 60% of the overall module assessment.In this assignment will allow you to adapt digital forensic practices to multiple contexts andassess your understanding in conducting digital evidence in terms of collection and acquisitionand the analysis and evaluation of digital evidence for reporting in a forensically sound manner.It will assess your theoretical and methodological approaches to the digital forensic investigation(LO4, LO5, LO6).Task 1:You are required to carry out a forensic examination of the evidence file that you have beensupplied with and forensically examine its contents. You will need to produce an expert witnessreport that describes the formal investigation methodology that you followed and presents yourfindings. It is therefore essential that you follow a formal investigation procedure.You will have to describe in detail the methodology that you followed in order to analyse theevidence file. You will have to identify and describe the procedures for all the different phases ofyour investigation including the tools you used for the analysis.Your findings should be presented in a factual way, following the guidelines that were discussedin class. Your findings should include any relevant information that was discovered during yourinvestigation. You should illustrate your analysis with screen dumps of the tools you used asappropriate.Your expert witness report should be no more than 2000 words.Task 2:You also need to produce contemporaneous notes that reflect the work you have undertakenand justify how you maintained the chain of custody. It is advisable you make use of a specialisttool to securely record your digital notes. Your contemporaneous notes should be submitted asan Appendix to the expert witness report and there is no word count for the notes.You are expected to demonstrate an insight into the implications of the problem introduced ineach task by using clear and concise arguments. The reports should be well written (and wordprocessed), showing good skills in creativity and design. Sentences should be of an appropriatelength and the writing style should be brief but informative. School of Physics, Engineering and Computer SciencePage 3 of 3 You are expected to use appropriate peer reviewed sources for developing your arguments andthe Harvard referencing style as per the University regulations.Submission Requirements:The final portfolio report is an academic report and as such the following report structure isexpected:• Cover Pageo Module codeo Module titleo ID number (the submission MUST be anonymous)o Month and year, e.g. April 2020• Task 1• References• Appendixeso Task 2Your report should be prepared as follows:• The same font should be used throughout. We would prefer you to use 12-point Times,though any reasonable alternative (such as Arial) will be accepted.• Lines should be single-spaced, with between 1/2 a line and a whole line of extra spaceafter each paragraph.• Margins: at least 20mm left and right; 25mm top and bottom.You are required to submit your report via Canvas in a PDF format using your student numberas the filename.Marks awarded for:Assessment Criteria Marks AvailableCase Management 10Investigation Methodology 10Analysis and Findings 20Report Structure andReferences5Contemporaneous notes:process, analysis and clarity15Total 60Type of Feedback to be given for this assignment:Formal feedback will be given through Canvas within 4 weeks of the assessment hand in date.


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