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ASSIGNMENT 2021 Tutor: Dr. BELLE Louis Jinot Module:Leading and Managing Early Childhood Education Programme:BEd (Hons) Early Childhood and Care INSTRUCTIONS TO LEARNERS: Your assignment will be marked on a total of 30 Marks.Submission date:25 APRIL 2021Learners are expected to include references from articles.Word limits should be respected for each question or part question.Please note that submission of assignment after the deadline will be penalised.Format: Font size 12, Spacing 1.5Your assignment must be submitted together with a Turnitin report, indicating the similarity index which must not exceed 20%.Assignments without a Turnitin report will not be marked. If the similarity index exceeds 20%, you will be penalized.You must submit your assignment only on MOODLE in the module page.No need to submit the assignment cover. Write all your student details on the first page of the assignment.It should be a one Word document assignment that should be uploaded on Moodle. GENERAL GUIDELINES: You are required to include a table of content and bibliography at the end of your assignment. In general, you are required to conform to the Harvard referencing style.Please note that plagiarism will be heavily penalised. ATTEMPT THIS QUESTION Total marks: 40 marks Weightage: 30 % Closing Date for assignment submission: 25 APRIL 2021Question https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sxjgL64czRY Please listen to the above TEDs Talk on YouTube by copying the above hyperlink (Right click on it to open the link). The speaker, Faurhault-Jorgensen, talks about how to master recruiting the best employee for your team. Based on his talk about the recruitment practices in companies, assuming that you are the school head, discuss critically what criteria you would consider and what you would avoid and the implications of each of these criteria on your school’s core mission – effective teaching and learning.You should include all the criteria mentioned in the talk to get the maximum marks. Number of words: 2500 words Criteria Marks Introduction 05 Identification and discussion of the criteria to consider for effective recruitment and their implications on effective teaching and learning 10 Identification and discussion of the criteria to be avoided for effective recruitment and their implications on effective teaching and learning 10 Reference to the professional sector of Early Childhood Education and care 10 Conclusion 05


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