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Sponsorship Summary A total of four steps are required from the identification of a potential sponsor to the confirmation of a sponsor, namely Sponsorship Plan, Sponsorship Package, Request Letters and Sponsorship Contracts. Sponsorship Plan records all communication with the invitee, such as name and telephone number. The excel table shows the different levels of sponsors, gold, silver and bronze. Sponsorship packages document what JCU can offer to different levels of sponsors. Depending on the level and status of the sponsor or partner, they decide what they can get through sponsorship. Of course, the higher the level, the more feedback they get. The Sponsorship Package allows sponsors to see the difference and pay more if they want to get more benefits. Through the Request Letters, the sponsor can clearly know my organization, my activity, the result I want and the request and specific sponsorship fund desire. A clear sponsorship Request Letters can increase a sponsor’s desire to sponsor. The last one is to sign a sponsorship contract, indicating that both parties have reached an agreement on the sponsored item or amount of money. The contract specifies the sponsorship amount and payment date, as well as the benefits available to the sponsor. Through these four steps, sponsorship for one company was completed. In order to get more sponsorship, JCU needs to go through these four steps for different companies to get sponsorship


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