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Title Student Name Student Number Course Name/Code Course Instructor We do not need to use a section heading for the introduction. You might also notice that the title of the essay in not included on this page. The essay starts on the top line. The first line is indented using the “tab” key, and the lines are double-spaced. The thesis statement is, most often, found at the end of the introduction. The thesis statement comprises the writer’s opinion/point-of-view/argument plusclear expressions of the main ideas the writer will use to explore and develop the thesis. Level 1 Heading The first line of every paragraph must be indented. This document has already formatted the paper to indent the first line of each paragraph, so all you need to do is hit ‘enter’ when you want a new paragraph. In order for the formatting to work, please start typing at the start of this paragraph and delete the rest of this text (only keep your text). Level 2 Heading For a short essay, you may not need to use headings at all. Make sure you check the apa@conestoga guidelines carefully if you do choose to insert headings. Level 3 Heading. This one is a bit trickier! Don’t forget that this heading ends with a period (full stop). You’ll have to add this yourself if you use this heading. The text also starts immediately after the heading. You’ll have to check the formatting of this one very carefully; the heading is bold, but the text following it is not. It might be easier just to use the normal “Essay paragraphs” style and format the heading part manually. Level 3 Heading. Remember also that if you do use a level 3 sub-heading, that you need to have at least two. Level 2 Heading The same is true for level 2 sub-headings: we can’t cut the section in one half. References Use the Refences styled above to automatically apply the hanging indent and double-spaced format required on the references page. Note: you will have to add italics as necessary, and you will have to arrange your references in alphabetical order.


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