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Assignment – 1500 words Scenario: MyPictureOnline is an online global photo production company established in 1990 and specialises in providing photo production services to its worldwide customers. Their collections include photography equipment of all categories. Their headquarters is in Germany with more than 3000 outlets operating in 30 countries and offering online purchases in 130 countries around the globe. The company has experienced some issues and identified that consolidating all retail and online sales is not well-managed and a big sum of money is disappearing from the stores. It is also difficult to trace online sales due to country specific tax regulations and store expenses. You are required to write a critical report using the following title: “A Critical Evaluation of a Real-Time Data Analytics Adoption” The aim of this assignment is to write a critical reflection report after developing a ‘real-time’ data analysis adoption strategy. This report is divided into the following tasks: Task-1: Critically evaluate the significance of the following aspects in your real-time data analytics adoption strategy: Data Analytics Adoption PlanningMarketplace dynamic and business motivationAutomated data acquisition and processingChallenges of real-time data analysis You are also required to provide examples of the above aspects in your critical evaluation. The suggested word limit for this task is 600 words. Task-2: Critically evaluate and compare the following data processing options for your enterprise wide data analytics strategy: In-memory Data ProcessingData Stream ProcessingComplex Event Processing The suggested word limit for this task is 600 words. Task-3: Interactive dashboards play a pivotal role in data analysis and especially for real-time data analysis. In this task, provide at least 6 examples for developing interactive dashboards to perform Business Intelligence (BI) in the user organisation for the given scenario. It is also required to provide justification for the example dashboards. The suggested word limit for this task is 300 words. Presentation, Report Layout and References: Referencing and Bibliography Although much of your report will contain an existing body of knowledge, you must write your assignment in your own words to demonstrate your understanding of the subject. You are required to follow the Harvard referencing system when citing others’ work. An accompanying list of references must also be provided as part of your report. Extensively referenced work reflects the level of research you conducted in the process of producing the document. It is also an acknowledgment of other people’s work. Correct referencing demonstrates your academic and professional skill. TaskGuidance/CriteriaReflection ReportTask-1: This task is focused on providing a reflection of your understanding of the important considerations while planning a real-time data analytics adoption strategy. You are required to critically discuss the listed aspects and their significance in the planning phase. It is important to note that you are developing a data analytics adoption strategy for the real-time dataTask-2: This task is focused on the operational aspect of a data analytics strategy. You should critically evaluate the listed data processing options as outlined in the task. Your evaluation must include advantages, disadvantages technologies involved and limitations of each option. Consider including a comparative table of the listed options for selecting one over the otherTask-3: Interactive dashboards are an integral component of a data analytics adoption strategy and are particularly helpful for better understanding of the real-time data. In this task, you are required to provide recommendations for developing interactive dashboards for performing Business Intelligence (BI) in the end user organisation.Presentation and reference TASKS COMPLETEDtickCover sheet completedTable of contentsHeadings and sub-headingsCritical evaluation of the given 4 aspects, with examples, for real-time data analytics adoption strategyCritically evaluation and comparison of the 3 given data processing options for your enterprise wide data analytics strategyIn-text citations correctly writtenReference list on a separate page, completed and in the correct format Assignment Preparation Guidelines  Standard and commonly used fonts such as Arial or Calibri should be used, font size must be within the range of 10 to 15 points including the headings, body text and any texts within diagrams, Spacing should not be less than 1.5 Pay attention to the Assessment criteria / Marking scheme, the work is to be concise and technical. Try to analyse, compare and evaluate rather than simply describe.  All figures, screenshots, graphs and tables must be numbered and labelled. The assignment should be logically structured, the core of the report may start by defining the problem / requirements, followed by the proposed solution including a detailed discussion, analysis and evaluation, leading to implementation and testing stage, finally a conclusion and/or personal reflection on learning. Screenshots without description / discussion does not constitute understanding and maybe assumed irrelevant. 


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