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Template for reviewing all 30 Journal Papers1Title of the paperReference in APA 7 formatURL of the ReferenceRank of Journal (Q1/Q2)Keywords in this ReferenceThe Name of the Current Solution (Technique/ Method/ Scheme/ Algorithm/ Model/ Tool/ Framework/ … etc)What is the Problem that need to be solved?What is the Goal (Objective) of this Solution?Technique/Algorithm name:Explain the problem that has been described by the author(s)Tools:Applied Area:How this research/current solution is valuable for your projectSummaryWrite down a complete coherent paragraph to summarise all important sections of the article in a couple of sentences. Cover the introduction, methodology, results, discussion, and conclusion.LimitationsExplain the limitations that authors have mentioned in the article. They can be found close to the end of the articles.RelevanceWrite down a complete coherent and comprehensible paragraph to explain and justify how and why this article is relevant to your research topic or research questions.


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