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Message – For this worksheet, watch the video on editing below and do the associated worksheet. As before, you do not need to turn in the worksheet; it is simply information you”ll need for Exam 2 (just as was the case for Exam 1).Next, watch an animated film by the celebrated Japanese director Hayao Miyazaki. You can find one of his films by doing a Netflix search for “Hayao Miyazaki.” Make sure you choose a film he directed. The first few columns of results from your search will be Miyazaki films. If you want more information about Miyazaki and which film to choose, do a general internet search using his name – you”ll get lists and recommendations of movies:Finally, skim or read the chapter on editing in the textbook (the chapter on editing is pages 282-318 in the latest edition of the book; you of course can use any edition of the textbook you want for this info), and identify five editing techniques you noticed at work in the Miyazaki movie you watched. Now write a paragraph identifying the movie you watched and explaining the five editing techniques you identified from the chapter and linking them to specific scenes in the movie. As always, you don”t have to be right here; you just have to provide specific details from the movie and specific info from the textbook to back up what you”re saying. Even if you”re wrong, as long as you”ve been specific about the movie and the textbook in your identifications, you”ll get full points.Links-video: ws editing w21 w:o answers.docx


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