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Introduction (200 words) Outline context, background and purpose Identify problem and/or processes to be improved. Clearly identify the expected scope of the project. What is “in” and what is “out”. Stakeholders’ needs and PEST influences (500 words) Present findings of the research in words and, where applicable, tables & graphs. Gap(s) measurement (550 words) Measure Gap(s) between the current state of your health service organisation and the National Safety and Quality Health Service standard/s you have chosen. Identify current performance information and compare it to the desired level of performance stated in the National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards. What improvements must occur to satisfy the process owner and stakeholders? Use more than one level of analysis; demonstrate the use of at least two perspectives (macro, meso, micro) in the data you select. Opportunities to improve (450 words) Research and assess ideas with ability to be adapted and implemented in one site. Discussion (200 words) Discussion of anticipated benefits of opportunities identified and potential difficulties of implementation. Analyses results – draws together different aspects of the findings, findings of other studies and refers to literature Recommendation/s (100 words) Recommended next step(s) based on the research Infographic Copy your Infographic here or insert a link to it References Harvard style (not included in word count)


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