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Field Trip Details: You are required to arrange and undertake a day trip to a tourism destination (Kings Park and Botanic Garden) The aim is to undertake a ‘mindful’ interpretation of a tourism or event experience. In order to prepare for this, you should complete the Field Work Digital tutorial and read any social science research books, looking for sections on Field Research and Field Reports; a good start is Babbie in your Course Reader (also in Talis). The purpose of the field trip is to provide you with ‘primary data’ for the presentation of a ‘field report’. You are to: 1. Select a local destination /event;(Kings Park and Botanic Garden and event in Kings park) Undertake a field trip to that destination/event; andPrepare a Field Report interpreting your selected destination/event through a variety of theoretical sources. Field Trips are designed with two main aims: Experiential To provide you with practical experience in order to explore theoretical and conceptual discussions of your studies.Information gathering Sometimes referred to as data collection, where you try to step outside your own preconceived ideas and collate your experiences as data for knowledge-based interpretation With these two quite different, yet related aims in mind, students will need to maintain two levels of field notes: Personal, reflective and experiential. You too are a tourist and your own experience is part of the total setting.Impersonal, objective and ‘fact finding’. The Field Report must be written in the 3rd person and should be written in such a way that another researcher could ‘replicate’ your experiences. Eg Instead of “I went to Sentosa Island” (first person), or ‘The researcher went to Sentosa Island” (first person); use “A field trip to Sentosa Island was undertaken” (third person). The objectives of the field assignment are: To provide students with material to link the practical experience with theoretical knowledge. 2. To enhance the ability of students in interpreting their own observations and experiences through a knowledge base of the phenomena of tourism and events. 3. To allow students to gain experience in Field Report writing Some useful links and successful event I found below so far Writing of Field Report The Field Report must be written in the style of a research report and you should use of the following headings to organize your report. Topic : Kings Park Botanic Garden a popular visitor destination in Western Australia Introduction (200 words) • Discuss the theoretical concepts/models that will be applied and introduce the overall focus of the report. • Provide a site description of your setting. o Define your destination/event in terms of a tourism systems theory. i.e. use an academic definition of “Tourism” and describe your destination/event so that it clearly fits within the definition. • Explain the objectives of the report (i.e. how your Field Report will achieve your aim) i.e. what is going to be done Literature review (300-400words) Conceptual framework Method (100 words) This should provide enough information for the reader to copy (replicate) the research (i.e. tell the reader how it was done) Participant observation discussed as a method Results (300 words) What was observed that relates to the aims and objectives detailed in the introduction? This is the section that should include Tables and Figures (graphs, maps, photos etc). This tells the reader what you found. Discussion (500-800 words) Relate the experience to a discussion of the theory of the Tourism System and the models (Dickson 5A Tourism Models, Leiper tourism system) that you have chosen. This is where you link the findings from your field observations to the models and theoretical concepts of tourism. Conclusion (150-200 words) Restate the findings of your observations in terms of the aims and objectives of your Report (i.e. summarise what you have said). Reference List • This is a list of references that have been referred to or quoted in the text. It should include academic literature and any other material that supports statements in your essay. • You must include at least 4 different HTC peer reviewed, academic journal articles from the past 5 years (between 2016-2021) Other references can search on Google scholar. Direct Link to Hospitality and Tourism Complete landing page. Click on Hospitality and Tourism Complete, then enter University login. User Name: 33819361 Pw: Dan519519 • Use the APA reference style Appendices • This includes the information that might add interest to your written work but is not essential to the understanding of your Report. These appendices come after the Reference List. Writing Style • Use the third person writing style, as utilised in Annals of Tourism Research articles. • Reflect the knowledge base that you have gained by using reference styles as outlined by APA reference guidelines. Length • 1500-2000 words


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