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Activity 3: Discourse analysis Young People in Media Young People in Media The selected media articles regarding the negative activities of the younger generation shows the younger generation is becoming much violent for the society. The negative languages that are used for portraying the behaviours of teenagers and younger generation of the society are such as threatening youth, inhuman teenagers, monsters, scum, frightening teens, evils, heartless young, louts and hoodies. The boys are mainly described within the media report for performing different kinds of unethical and violent activities where it describes the whole young generation to be violent yobs (Premier YCW, 2021). Therefore, the portrayal of the negativity by the media is developing the negative mind-set of the society regarding the young people and 76% of the society report the negativity against the teenagers as well as the young people who are aged between 13 years to 26 years. Several types of consequences show that the young people are convicted as well as put on trial such as a 15 years old boy was put on trial due to the convicted offences for burglary (The Times of India, 2021). Several types of stereotypes have been developed within the society towards the young generation at present. The young generation and the teenagers are accused by the name of rapists due to several kinds of activities performed by this generation. It is becoming a stereotype that the young boys are the rapists and girls should have to be kept safe from these people.  According to the report of Times of India, a girl was raped at gunpoint and she was pressurized to upload videos with the boy who forced the girl to marry him. She was also threatened to share the clip with her fiancé on the social media. Therefore, the negativity has been developed due to the actual activities of the whole young generation at present in the society (The Times of India, 2021). On the other report of Times of India, it has been stated that a boy in Mangalore had threatened the deputy commissioner on social media to be killed and he was arrested by the police. Then, he was booked under the Indian Penal Code section 189, 507, 506 and 505. Therefore the violence within the teenagers can be seen due to several kinds of unethical activities for fulfilling their requirements. It is resulting in the negative stereotypes within the people where the boy who had threatened the deputy commissioner had no idea about the person who is the deputy commissioner, what is his role and whom he had threatened on social media (The Times of India, 2021). Consequently, it is becoming a trend within the teenagers to do violence by performing inhuman activities, threatening other peoples. The stereotypes have been developed on the young people due to the voice of magazines on newspapers which portrays negativity that young’s are drug addict or binge drinker, they do the annoying activities, they are draining the society due to their laziness, and most importantly, the young generation has the power to do something exceptional which can be better but they are tending to apply it on the negative activities (Premier YCW, 2021). Most of the media reports are developed by the reporters and these are portraying the negatives of the teenagers mostly. For example, BBC News (2021) has reported that a teenager had threatened the staff of a takeaway food shop at gunpoint in Northampton for money. As per another report of BBC News (2021), the youth threatened football players with the running Chainsaw and the motive was not determined for this case. As per the report of The Guardian, it has been stated about what youth crime says on behalf of the society in their letters column where anti-social behaviour of the teenagers has been portrayed and this report tends to say that the young people are increasing the anti-social behaviour factors in the lockdown period mostly. The misuse of drugs by the young generation has been depicted in this report along with enhancing criminal activities (Shout Out UK, 2021). A rare voice of the young people can be seen in the television, magazines as well as the newspapers regarding the negative stereotypes of the young generation. The immaturity of the teenagers along with their violence has been portrayed by the media reports but very rare voices are raised against them for justifying the positive activities of the young generation. The movies and the TV programs are also portraying the young generation as violent. These are not prevalent as per their opinion and the justified opinions can be achieved from the newspaper reports only as it is only portraying the incident that had happened (Shout Out UK, 2021). As per the report of The Hindu, it can be seen that the voice was raised by the Supreme Court of India against the stereotyping and the gender stereotype comment had been accused by the law. Social media is one of the platforms where the voices are raised regarding the stereotypes which are developed within the mind of people towards the negativity of the young generation where all of the young generation are not performing negative activities (Heartware, 2021). References list Heartware, 2021. Are We Really A Heartless Generation?. [online] Heartware. Available at: [Accessed 1 April 2021]. News BBC, 2021. BBC NEWS | England | Cornwall | Youth ‘threatened with chainsaw’. [online] Available at: [Accessed 1 April 2021]. Premier YCW, 2021. Negative Stereotypes of Young People – Premier YCW. 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