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 We will not talk over each other We will raise hand if we want to ask a question orleave a comment in the chat box We will try to keep the noise level to minimum We will be upright on our seats not reclining We will avoid eating while we are in the class We will take notes as we take when face to face  Total Credits 20 Assessment method Research Proposalof 2500 Assessment Deadline 11 May 2020 4:00PM Assessment method Presentation15 minutes Assessment Deadline 18 and 26 May 2020 Module examines different researchphilosophies and different elements of researchdesign Core skills such as selecting an appropriatemethod of data collection and analysis,identifying relevant information sources,preparing and collecting data, analysing data. Using different approaches for qualitative andquantitative research projects.On successful completion of this module students will be able to: Analyse and explain different philosophical approaches to researchand how different epistemological perspectives may lead to the useof different methodologies. Formulate, justify and plan a research proposal based on apreliminary investigation of a suitable topic. Explain how to select and use appropriate qualitative andquantitative methods to analyse research findings and evaluate theadvantages and limitations of each. Produce a clearly structured pro forma to report the outcomes of aresearch project with an explanation of the content of each section. There are TWO assignments to be completed in this module:Assignment 1 – (Essay) 2500 words +/- 10%Total Weighting: 70%Intended Learning Outcomes: 1, 2 and 3Assignment 2 – (Individual Presentation of 15 Minutes) equivalentto 1500 wordsTotal Weighting: 30%Intended Learning Outcomes: 4 You are required to develop a research proposalbased on a suitable topic in the BusinessManagement/ HSC Management. This module prepares you to undertake aResearch Project in the final year of theprogramme, it is recommended that you choose atopic that you intend to work on in your finalyear. Full details in Assignment Brief You are required to communicate in the form ofindividual presentation the outcomes of yourresearch project with an explanation of thecontent of each section. Each student will present their proposal for 13-15minutes. Full details in Assignment Brief Ten techniques for generating research ideasUseful questions to ask when searchingarticles and reports for possibleresearch topic ideasWhat makes a good research topic?Phrasing research questions asresearch objectivesThe SMART test


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