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COMP6003Contemporary Multimedia ResourcesAssignment 1 – ReportPlan and DesignCOMP6003 – Contemporary Multimedia Resources Page 2 of 5COMP6003–ContemporaryMultimediaResourcesFaculty of Science and EngineeringSession 1, 2021Assignment 1 – Report(Planning for application, and analysing immersive interactive multimedia applications).This assignment is worth 20% of the total marks and is due on Friday 5th April 2021.Purpose:The main objectives of this assignment are:Part 1 – group work:to evaluate a variety of immersive interactive multimedia applications such as VirtualReality (VR) tour, game and training; and identify the theme, purpose, multimediaresources, interactivity, development platform and publishing device of each applicationPart 2 – individual work:to write a plan that gives details of the theme, purpose, multimedia resources, interactivity,development platform and publishing device for your individual interactive multimediaapplication you will develop for assignment 3. Please note that assignment 2 will requireyou to create or download and modify multimedia resources you plan to use.Your GROUP task for Part 1 in brief:• You are required to start the assignment by firstly forming a group of two (2) or three(3) students to evaluate a variety of immersive interactive multimedia applicationssuch as Virtual Reality (VR) tour, game and training.• It is recommended that within your group, you allocate one (1) application per studentand compile the individual evaluations. You are permitted to submit the same Part 1content within your group.• The evaluation includes identifying the theme, purpose, multimedia resources,interactivity, development platform and publishing device of each application. This isthe reverse activity of Part 2, which requires you to plan these components for yourown application.• You must also include the website address (URL) and screenshot of the homepageor promotional page of the VR application.Your INDIVIDUAL task for Part 2 in brief:• You are required to write a plan report that provides comprehensive descriptions oftheimmersive interactive multimedia application you individually have chosen to create forassignment 3. These descriptions include but are not limited to the following:o Theme of the application, e.g. traveldestination, tourist attraction, work/studyplace (SCU Campus/Library), real estate (house, unit), lesson/training and soon.o Purpose of the application, e.g. introducing the theme, providing training,promoting the chosen place/object/event, demonstrating a process and so on.COMP6003 – Contemporary Multimedia Resources Page 3 of 5o Multimedia features, a minimum of 5 multimedia resources are required to beintroduced in thisassignment, but the actual resource files should be produced forassignment 2 These 5 resources must include:o one original 360-degree photoo one original/modified 360-degree videoso one original/modified 3D model/environment/animation/product photographyo one original recorded voice of yourselfo one recorded/edited audio file e.g. background music or 3D sound effects– the 360 video and photo must include text e.g. title you created using the editingsoftware of your choiceo Sitemap and interactive features e.g. hotspot, video control, sound control, 3Drotateo Development Platform e.g. instaVR, mobfish, EyeSpy360, Fusion, Unity, etc.Briefly discuss the following aspects of the selected platform to justify thesuitability of the platforms to fulfil your need:• Supported multimedia resources• Interactive features• Supported publishing devices and operating system• Free Subscription/Trial and storageo Publishing device e.g. mobile, VR/AR/MR headset, web, desktop, etc.including the specification of the proposed testing device• Your topic must be determined in consultation with your tutor/lecturer to ensure contentsuitability and to avoid excessive duplication of content areas with your peer groups.• You are encouraged to select a more specific (rather than general) theme for yourapplication e.g. promoting SCU Coolangatta campus.• To prepare the report you will need to thoroughly describe the selected application theme.It is suggested that you choose a theme that you have some interest/prior knowledge in,useful for your career plan and more importantly, you will manage to gain or have accessto film and take photos you need to develop your own resources for the theme. Familiaritywith the area will make it easier and enjoyable for you to work on Assignment 2 and 3.Your final INDIVIDUAL task:Write an INTRODUCTION and CONCLUSION for your Report.Your report must be submitted individually and address each of the following writing criteria:i. be within 10% less or more than 500 words for each application evaluation by a groupmember (Part 1 – group evaluation) and 1000 words (Part 2 – individual planning includingintroduction and conclusion of the full report) a formal and academic writing style with a clear structure (Harvard)use correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation;include an introduction, body, and conclusionuse headings if appropriateuse the template provided on MySCU under assessment menu COMP6003 – Contemporary Multimedia Resources Page 4 of 5Assessment CriteriaRefer to the above specific tasks, and address them in your report. This report is worth 20 marksfor the unit. The criteria used to assess the report are: Part 1 – Evaluating Interactive Immersive ApplicationsMarksAppropriate selections of applicationDescription of theme and the purpose of application1.0Correct identification, descriptive discussion and appropriate understanding ofmultimedia resources and their purpose3.0Description of interactive features3.0Correct information on development software and publishing devices1.0Total8 Part 2 – Planning for ApplicationMarksDescription of theme and the purpose of application1.5Selection of multimedia resources and their purpose2.5Sitemap and description of interactive features2.5Publishing and testing device specification1.5Total8 Writing ClarityMarks• Suitable structure and organisation and index• Clarity of writing style for readability• Appropriate expression, grammar, and spelling• Logical argument demonstrated through references4 Mark deductions (after): Demerit areasMarksNot using the report template(COMP6003_AS1_ReportTemplate.docx)-3%Not writing the Introduction and Conclusion sections-1%Exceeding the maximum word-limit-2%Late submission penalty5% per day Notes:• Report Template: Students must use the report template, available at the Assessmentpage, to submit this Assignment.• Word-limit: The word-limit will be strictly applied. The marker can deduct marks forwritingoverthisword-limit.So,make sure your reportiscompletedwithinthegivenwordlimit. There is no maximum word-limit applicable for title, introduction, conclusion,references, and appendices.• Start early and submit on-time: Avoid any pitfalls that may arise due to late start. Thus,start your assignment as soon as possible to submit on-time. For late submissions, thestandard assessment submission policy will be applied.COMP6003 – Contemporary Multimedia Resources Page 5 of 5• Appendix: You may add appendices to document any additional material you wish toinclude such as tables, diagrams, figures, or other supplementary material. Appendices donot contribute to the word count of the document.• Reference: You should add a reference section and include any references, includingpublications (literature, books, etc.), which you want to refer to support your report.• Late Submission: This assignment will be due on Friday, 10th April, at 11:00 pm. Apenalty of 5% of the available mark will be deducted from the actual mark for each day oflate submission up to five days.• Consultation: You will have the opportunity to show your assignment draft to yourtutors/unit assessor for feedback. Several assignment consultation slots will be organised;follow the announcements from the unit assessor.• Contact: Please contact the unit assessor/lecturer/tutors if you have any issues orconfusion.


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