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Data Analysis Exercise Task 3 (Option B)Following the instruction on your assessment page, a data analysis is expected following theinstructions below.Data SetA data set is posted on Moodle which presents information on sample collected from subjects inrelation to the influence of coffee intake on test score among University students. This data hasbeen presented in Excel format; you are encouraged to export this into SPSS where you will carry outthe analysis recommended in this task. Gender Category: 1 = Male, 2 = Female (800 words excludingtables and graphs).Research questionIs there any difference between score_before and score_after?Is there any association between age and test score (after)?Here are some considerations for this task• Consider the research questions presented above carefully.• Think about the presented data carefully• Check if the data need to be subdivided furtherPerform the following analysisCalculate statistical analysis you think is appropriate for this data set• Check for normalcy in the data set• What is your null hypothesis based on each research question?• What is the alternate hypothesis based on these research questions?• Produce a box plot to identify outliers for test score_after and age. Replace any outliers with55 score and 25 age. Produce boxplot with the outliers removed. Use relevant literature toexplain what is an outlier and how to manage them.• Using your findings from the normalcy check, decide on whether to use a parametric or nonparametric test.• Explain why you have chosen this test.• What is the parametric version or the non-parametric version of the test you have chosen?• Run the statistical analysis for your chosen tests in SPSS.• Explain and summarise your findings in relation to the research questions, make use ofappropriate graphs and tables generated in the analysis for your explanation.3b Use the 2×2 table to answer the questions below (400 words) With virus (Cases)Without Virus(Controls)TotalExposed89Non-Exposed37205Total600 I. Complete the given table as required.II. Using the 2 x 2 table, calculate the following for this infectionRisk ratioRisk differenceOdds ratio.Explain your findings appropriately.Resources to help with the taskMake use of Lynda Campus for help with SPSS packageLog into with your Moodle login details. Search for SPSS once logged in to access the tutorial.All courses are useful but particularly recommend the SPSS Statistics Essential Training which is a 4hours tutorial class. You can choose aspects of the training that is required to answer the assessmentso that you do not need to go through all 4 hours tutorial.Other SPSS tutorials on you-tube includeSPSS for beginners textbookFields A (2009) Discovering Statistics using SPSS. London Sage Publications Ltd.The author has you-tube page with visual explanation on using SPSS


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