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DHICTWeek 2 Part aAdapted by Dr Colin FuAre you in the right session?• Please check your Time-table that you are meant to be in this lesson?• Check your time• Check your tutor name• It is important that you are in the correct lesson!Data for Businesses• How do businesses leverage on Data? Data Science and the problems…How do Data Science resolve the following?First problem…• How to target customers for businesses?Solution• Data science can be used for• Customer segmentation• Customer clustering• Personalise target customer campaignsSecond problem• Predict future sales?Solutions• Use Predictive modelling and it can be based on• Seasonal sales• Promotions• Demands• Holidays• Competions• etcThird problem• Customers do not purchase products and unsubscribe from listSolutions• Data Science can be used to• Predict the reasons• Calculate the risk score predicting who is most likely stay or leaving• Target retention strategy by offering various discount strategies to differentgroupsFourth problem…• How to do product recommendation?Solutions• Recommendation engines can be used to predict the probability ofpurchases• Match the similar purchased items to other itemsFifth problem• How to know if customers are happy?Solutions• Natural processing language turns words into predictionReporting vs Analytics• Reporting is the process of organising data in the form of summary,with charts and graphs.• Analytics is the process of exploring data in odder to extractmeaningful insight which can be used to better understand andimprove the business.Analytics• Data pivoting – It is a process to help users dig deeper for theinformation needed for analysisAnalyticsHave you…• watch the videos before coming to the lesson, and practise all thequizzes… ?• This module is not easyImportant that you …• … you watch the videos before coming to the lesson, and practise allthe quizzes… if you want to do well…• This module is not easy…• Videos• Watch the this week videos? They are important.• You need to watch next week videos too before nextsession.• Quizzes• You attempted the quizzes?• Activities (Apply and Consolidate)• How about all other activities (Apply and Consolidate)?Have you?22 ICT• students doing ICT… who must be able to use ICT tofind information independently before asking• Note: It is for wo(man) too ☺Important especially for …23 ICT• We are here to support you … most importantly be anindependent Expert!• Please always check the announcement, assessment pageetc. first before emailing• Have you used the discussion board for your peers toanswer you?• Note: It is wo(man)too ☺Email24 ICTEVERYTHING• When email, please email your own tutor and mentionthe module and time you doing the ICT (we have around300 students)• Babatunde Adetayo (Tuesday,Thursday)• Dr Suzzy Nsiegbe (Tuesday)• Dr Elizabeth Scott (Thursday• We have around 100 students…• We will try to get back to you in 48 hours. If no reply after48 hours , please kindly email your tutor again copyingthe module leader, Dr Colin Fu, ICT


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