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Description Hi, I just need help to write detail of concept map as I am sending concept map and Reference too. I just need you to write according to subject outline of assessment 2 in 500 words. Use references to support assessment with articles which I have sent you. In addition to your visual map, will be required to submit a 500 word essay explain their maps. • A definition of the concepts of engagement, empowerment and motivation in the context of health promotion (with supporting references) • You must also be able to explain the linkage of your map which will display and describe the determinants that influence health for your chose topic and age groups (with supporting evidence). Consider age, gender, media platforms, social determinants of health. • Students should use this an opportunity to tease out, the knowledge required to promote engagement, empowerment and motivation for your health group and provide a brief summary or plan for assessment 3. Student will consider how the knowledge from assessment 1 and assessment 2 will help with the construction of assessment 3 (cr******ing a health promotion platform for the target ******ience of the chosen topic). Please have detail look of Assessment task 2 of assessment detail, subject learning outcome and marking criteria rubric. Written assessment should be based in origin country as you can find attached reference which are from Nepal. Please have a look rubric of Assessment 2 Concept Map and Individual Essay. Let me know If you need any queries. Thank you


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