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Excel FunctionsDHICTadapted by Dr Colin FuICT 1 Assignment 1• Have you started your assignment 1?• Go watch the videos • More videos in Week 8 Revision• It is good that you go watch them now rather than waitingtill Week 8?Assignment 1 3 Show formulas• Display the formulas instead of results Mean, Median and Mode• Mean=AVERAGE() • Median• =MEDIAN() Standard Tab – “Formulas”For example, Median function can be obtained from“More Function • Mode• This is becoming obsolete in Excel 2013 and beyondbut still available… Mode• =MODE.SNGL()• =MODE.MUTL Mode• =MODE.SNGL() Mode• =MODE.MULT() 1.Select a verticalrange of cells2.EnterMODE.MULTfunction3.Confirm withcontrol + shift +enter4.“{ }” appearArray formula Standard Tab – “Formulas”For example, MODE.MULT function can be obtainedfrom “More Function • AutoSumnclude– SUM– AVERAGE– COUNT– MAX– MINWARNING: These sometimes do NOT work!Better way is to do t manually… • • • AutoSum•The AutoSum feature makes iteasy to total columns or rows.Excel will guess what cells youwant to add based on which cellsare empty. A neat trick! SUM=SUM(number1,[number2],…) Average=AVERAGE(number1,[number2],…) Count=COUNT(value1,[value2],…) Max=MAX(number1,[number2],…) Min=MIN(number1,[number2],…) Percentage• Calculating percentage in Maths• Calculating percentage in Excel Percentage in ExcelCalculating percentage in Excel• NOT Percentage • Percentage in ExcelIt is not in percentage because the format is WRONG!• NOT Percentage • Percentage in Excel• Change the “style” to Percentage…• Percentage Percentage in Excel• Important that you …• … you watch the videos before coming to the lesson,and practise all the quizzes… if you want to do well…• This module is not easy… • Videos– Watch the this week videos? They are important.– You need to watch next week videos too beforenext session.• Quizzes– You attempted the quizzes?• Activities (Apply and Consolidate)– How about all other activities (Apply andConsolidate)?Have you?ICT 27 Assignment 1• Please start your assignment 1• Go watch the videos • More videos in Week 8 Revision• Have you watch videos from Week 8?Assignment 1 29


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