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Marks: 16% of your final gradeFINAL PROJECTMGMT3058 Submission Method Due DateReport (FOL Dropbox) APRIL 16, at 10:00 PM RULESOverall:A. This assignment is a group activity.B. A maximum of 4 members per group.C. No individual submissions accepted.D. One submission is required per group.E. No late assignments accepted.F. No alternate accommodations made. TO START TASKStarting onMARCH 30thOn a first come – first served basisPost (one member of group) to the FP discussion group: List of group members (max 4) Read the previous submissions (if any) to see if yourdesired company has already been chosen Include the desired company in the title of your postOne company per group will be confirmed in the discussionOnce confirmed you are ready to start working on project Report – To be uploaded to the FOL DropboxConduct research on the company and identify their current situation. The latest annual reportfor the company is provided for your use. Your job is to provide a report addressing thefollowing information:1. Business Missiona. What business is your company in?b. What are the business capabilities?2. Performance Objectivesa. How is the business performing currently? Provide three examples that supportyour statement.b. From data in the financial statements provided calculate a GMROI for the company.c. Identify two (2) performance measures under each of the following threecategories and explain why the measures would be appropriate for the company:i. Inputii. Outputiii. Productivity3. Merchandise Flowa. Describe the merchandise flow for the company.b. Make one (1) recommendation about changing the merchandise flow.4. Category Managementa. For the purpose of this section (category management) identify one (1) categorythat the company sells.b. What type of merchandise does this category represent?c. Where is the category in its’ life cycle?d. Develop an assortment plan for the category. Justify the choices you are making.5. Branding Strategiesa. Debate the mix of national brands and private label brands sold by the company.b. Determine if the company should expand or contract the number of private labelbrands available. Justify your decision.c. Determine the private brand strategy the company is following. Make arecommendation on whether to continue with this strategy or to change to anotherprivate brand strategy. Provide an example and justify the recommendation.6. Pricing Strategiesa. When setting prices, describe how the company takes into accounti. Costii. Demandiii. Competitioniv. Legal considerationsb. Make two (2) recommendations on how setting prices could change.c. What price adjustments does the company engage in?d. Make two (2) recommendation on possible price adjustments.e. What pricing strategy is the company following?f. Make one (1) recommendation on changing the pricing strategy used.g. How does the company currently use pricing (apart from pricing adjustments) tostimulate sales?h. Make two (2) recommendation on how the company can stimulate sales. These arerecommendations you have NOT made before in this section.7. Customer Loyaltya. As part of its CRM process, how is the company getting customer loyalty?b. Make three (3) recommendations on how the company can increase customerloyalty.8. Summarya. Provided a summary of the analysis and recommendations you have compiled.b. Express an opinion on the future success of the company.


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