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BIT354 Network Vulnerability and Penetration Testing Assignment 1 (20%) Due Date: Week 6 – 18/04/2021 Assignment Overview The assignment is to be completed individually. You are required to perform a penetration testing attack from any Hacking competition website such as HackTheBox. The attack should under the “web” or “network” categories. Other categories such as “crypto” and “forensics” are not permitted. Step 1: Choose one hacking challenges from any CTF web site. Selected attacks must be: Of appropriate difficulty and;Cover topics relevant to what was covered during the lecture and workshop and;Require a significant amount of effort and time. I.e attacks that can be completed with a single command are not acceptable. If you are not sure about this step, ask your lecturer for some suggestions Step 2: Complete the hacking challenges. Step 3: (10 marks) Write a Penetration testing report, summarizing your findings, including remedy strategies. 1000 words maximum Your report must contain the following: A summary of the attack and requirementsThe steps taken in order to complete the challenge. Screenshots must be provided to document what was done. Please note, screenshots must be taken of your entire screen, clearly showing the time and date. Cropped out screenshots will not be accepted and will receive 0 marks. Additionally, in the bottom of the screen, you must have a small text file, showing your name and student ID. The vulnerability and exploit used to complete the attack.Remedy strategies. Check this sample: Click to access sample-penetration-testing-report.pdf Step 4: (10 marks) Prepare a 5 minutes presentation (in class). In the presentation, you need to explain the following concepts: The vulnerability and exploitHow the attack was performed – brieflyThe implications: what can happen if a hacker manages to perform a similar attack to a real website or network. Plagiarism All used sources must be properly acknowledged with references and citations, if you did not create it. Quotations and paraphrasing are allowed but the sources must be acknowledged. Failure to do so is regarded as plagiarism and the minimum penalty for plagiarism is failure for the assignment. The act of given your assignment to another student is classified as a plagiarism offence. Copying large chucks and supplying a reference will result in zero marks as you have not contributed to the report. Due Date & Submission The report is due at 18/04/2021 By the due date, you must submit: Name your file with your student numberSoftcopy of your report (with your name and student number) to MOODLE. By submitting on MOODLE you agree that the work is yours unless properly cited.Fail to submit the presentation will result in a fail. Late submission of assignments will be penalised as follows: For assignments 1 to 5 days late, a penalty of 10% (of total available marks) per day.For assignments more than 5 days late, a penalty of 100% will apply. Your submission must be compatible with the software (PDF/Word) in MIT, Computer Laboratories/Classrooms. Extensions: Under normal circumstances extensions will not be granted. In case of extenuating circumstances—such as illness—a Special Consideration form, accompanied by supporting documentation, must be received before 3 working days from the due date. If granted, an extension will be only granted only by the time period stated on the documentation; that is, if the illness medical certificate was for one day, an extension will be granted for one day only. Accordingly the student must submit within that time limit. Penalties may apply for late submission without an approved extension. Penalties: Academic misconduct such as cheating and plagiarism incur penalties ranging from a zero result to program exclusion. Marking criteria: Marks are allocated as indicated on each question, taking the following aspects into account: AspectsDescriptionAnalysis (if appropriate)Investigation, comparison, discussionExplanation/justificationDescription/answer to the questionPresentationInadequate structure, careless presentation, poor writingReference styleProper referencing if requiredPlagiarismCopy from another student, copy from internet source/textbook, copy from other sources without proper acknowledgement Marking Rubric for Exercise Answers Grade MarkHD 80%+D 70%-79%CR 60%-69%P 50%-59%Fail < 50%ExcellentVery GoodGoodSatisfactoryUnsatisfactoryAnalysisLogic is clear and easy to follow with strong argumentsConsistency logical and convincingMostly consistent and convincingAdequate cohesion and convictionArgument is confused and disjointedEffort/Difficulties/ ChallengesThe presented solution demonstrated an extreme degree of difficulty that would require an expert to implement.The presented solution demonstrated a high degree of difficulty that would be an advance professional to implement.The presented solution demonstrated an average degree of difficulty that would be an average professional to implement.The presented solution demonstrated a low degree of difficulty that would be easy to implement.The presented solution demonstrated a poor degree of difficulty that would be too easy to implement.Explanation/ justificationAll elements are present and well integrated.Components present with good cohesionComponents present and mostly well integratedMost components presentLacks structure.Reference styleClear styles with excellent source of references.Clear referencing/ styleGenerally good referencing/styleUnclear referencing/styleLacks consistency with many errorsPresentationProper writing. Professionally presentedProperly spoken, with some minor deficienciesMostly good, but some structure or presentation problemsAcceptable presentationPoor structure, careless presentation


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