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Approved BBS Coursework Brief Template 2019/20 1 of 5Brunel Business School Assessment Title:MG5615 Understanding Business and Management Research Methods Individual AssignmentModule Leader:Professor Francesco MosconeDistribution Date:Submission Deadline:12:00 noon on 26th April 2021Feedback by:TBCContribution to overall module assessment:100%Indicative student time working on assessment:120Word or Page Limit (if applicable):2000 Words (not including references)Assessment Type (individual or group):Individual Main Objective of the assessmentThis is an individual assignment. You are required to submit a critical analysis of research topic in relation to a chosen topic of study/area of interest in thecontext of Business Studies. This research topic normally relates the research issues in your master programme subject area.Description of the AssessmentYou need to undertake a significant literature review, which outlines the underpinning methodologies and the research method(s) adopted in previousresearch that incorporates a range of viewpoints and perspectives. It is essential to provide a critical analysis that applies the knowledge and understandingacquired during the module to evaluate theoretical and technical aspects of related research methodologies and methods.You are expected to demonstrate both breadth and depth of understanding of relevant academic literature of the chosen topic. You are required to explain,discuss and evaluate the methodologies applied in the reviewed literature.Typically, your essay should have (a) an executive summary (b) Introduction (c) literature review (d) Analysis, discussion and evaluation of researchmethodology (e) Findings and what you have learnt from this assignment (f) References (Harvard Referencing System).MG5615 < Understanding Business and Management Research Methods >Assignment/Coursework Brief for 2020/21Approved BBS Coursework Brief Template 2019/20 2 of 5Brunel Business SchoolIn this individual assignment, you are expected to use relevant materials from academic research books and academic empirical journal articles (ABSranking listed journals) in your subject area to support your analysis and arguments when formulating your assignment. Your analysis, discussion andevaluation should be backed with appropriate academic references and examples where necessary.This assignment should be presented with 12 pt. Times New Roman Text with line spacing of 1.5. The word limit is 2000 words (excluding references). Notethat assignment below this word limit by more than 10% would result in decrease in the overall achieved mark by 10%. Proper referencing of all ideas,concepts, theories and quotes used in your work is essential. Normally you are required to present no less than 15 academic journal article references. TheHarvard referencing system must be used, details of which are contained on your handbook. Failure to employ a clear and appropriate system ofreferencing will be penalized.4 marking criteria all equally weighted CriterionGrade descriptors according to: Content appropriateness of material, relevance, feasibility, quality of solutionsKnowledge(25%)Evidence ofreading in the areaof ResearchMethods and therelevant topicunderstudyA* to AExcellent,Comprehensive,detailed and wellorganised andstructured review ofselected factualinformation on thetopic understudy, withcorrect emphasis onthe question at hand.Evidence of reading ofa wide range ofrelevant literaturesources includingeffective use of thereading list. Makesvery good use offactual evidence tosupport arguments.Well sustainedeffective style ofwriting that isappropriately conciseor expansive. AccurateReferencingB+ to BVery good, relevantevaluation, detailedand well organisedresponse. Goodoverview of thetopic understudy,and the use offactual informationto address thequestion at hand,which is consistentand mainly errorfree. Evidence ofeffective use of thereading list withsome evidence ofwider reading.CompetentEnglish and fluentwriting.Good referencingC+ to CFair range ofinformation and useof terminology butnot complete and/orsome errors. Limitedevidence of the topicunderstudy, fromrelevant reading inthe area of the topicunderstudy,including thereading list and/orcourse notes. Fewgrammatical errors.Limited, butadequatereferencingD+ to DMainly descriptiveanswer, satisfactorybut not complete.Evidence of somereading, but littlereal research effortis shown. Somebarely adequatereferences not wellpresented and notconsistent. Lack ofknowledge in someareas of the topicunderstudy, relevantto the question athand and somefactual errors.English is adequateE+ to EWork does notdemonstrateevidence ofunderstanding thequestion at handand/or the widergeneral aspects ofthe topicunderstudy.Limited informationand content, manyfactual errors,and/or littleevidence ofreading.FLittle or noadequate contentrelating to thetopic understudy,few relevantfacts, and/ormajor factualerrors, too shortand no evidenceof reading Approved BBS Coursework Brief Template 2019/20 3 of 5Brunel Business School Understanding(25%)Use of Normativeliterature to explainthe conceptualaspects ofRsearch Methodsand the relecvanttopic understudyA* to ADemonstratescomprehensive graspof concepts, theoriesand methods relevantto the topicunderstudy, and inparticular the questionat hand. Articulateexplanation of relevanttheory. Offers alargely completeanswer to thequestion, which isconsistent, cogent andexpands the bounds ofthe question.B+ to BDemonstrates verygood understandingof many of therelevant concepts,theories andmethods relevant tothe topicunderstudy,Summarises andextrapolatespertinent issues, butnot alwaysconsistent or clearin explanation.C+ to CDemonstratesunderstanding bytranslating,reorganising, and/orrephrasing relevantconcepts, theoryand methodsrelevant to the topicunderstudy, Someevidence ofunderstanding aidedby reading, notalways lucid. Someareas ofissues/topicspresented may beweak or notcompleteD+ to DSatisfactoryunderstanding,explanation andsummarisation ofconcepts, theoryand methodsrelevant to the topicunderstudy.However, mainlydescriptive answer,which is notcomplete and offerslittle insight from,sources other thanlecture material andthe reading list. Theresponse lacksdepth andperception; variableand/or limited graspof appropriatecontent and contextE+ to EVague,unconvincing andinconsistentresponse, butsufficient to createbasis for anadequate answer.Little or no realexplanation,summarisation orinterpretation ofconcepts, theoriesor methodsrelevant to thetopic understudy.Little or noevidence of theuse of lecturematerial or thereading list.FNo realexplanation,summarisation orinterpretation ofconcepts,theories ormethods relevantto the topicunderstudy.Errors ofunderstandingand no evidenceof the use oflecture materialor the readinglist.Analysis (25%)Synthesis ofliterature withpractical examplesto emphasiseimportant issuesA* to AVery effectiveidentification ofrelevant concepts,methods and theorywith evidence from awide variety of readingand practicalexamples.Comprehensivelybreaks downarguments, theoriesand structures. Verygood analyticalargumentseffectively basedon thorough review ofevidence, and effectiveB+ to BGood, relevant andcomprehensivebreakdown ofarguments withgood recognition ofrelevant concepts,theory andmethods. Analysisis based on someevidence linked topractice. Logicallystructured and linkstopics to makepoints but withinclear boundaries ofthe question athand.C+ to CAdequatebreakdown ofsubject but notcomprehensive.Some ability todiscern and discusstheory, methods andconcepts pertinentto the topicunderstudy, butwithin limitedboundaries of thequestion at hand.Generally logicaland clear argumentspresented using aclear structure andD+ to DBasic analysis ofconcepts, theoryand methodsrelevant to thequestion at hand.However, correctlyidentifies somecontent and contextrelevant to the topicunderstudy, with fairdiscussion. Somestructure toargument, butshallow and notalways logical andmakes few or nolinks to practice.E+ to EVery limited or noanalysis ofconcepts, theoryand methodsrelevant to thetopic understudy,e.g. projectmanagement andthe response failsto tackle thequestion at hand.Inadequatestructure and/orlogic to theargumentspresented and theresponse offers noFNo evidence ofsignificantanalytical ability,argumentspresented isunclear orerroneous, andthe responselacks properstructure andlogic and offersno evidence orlinks to practice. Approved BBS Coursework Brief Template 2019/20 4 of 5Brunel Business School linking of topics withinthe wider domain ofthe topic understudy.breakdown oftopics, but offer fewexamples orevidence frompractice.evidence or links topractice.Evaluation(25%)Use of literature,practical examplesand own opinionsto drawconclusions andjustify argumentsA* to AExtremely effective,Relevant andcomprehensiveevaluation of concepts,theory and methodspertinent to the topicunderstudy, and thequestion at hand.Expresses personalperspectives, withsome self-criticismwhere appropriate andrecognizes limits ofown judgement andknowledge. Goodcritical thinking, andevaluates issues andmaterial beyond thescope of the question.B+ to BFair judgement ofrelevant concepts,theory and methodsrelevant to the topicunderstudy, withinthe scope of thequestion at hand.Some developmentof major and/orminor issues,some judgementcorrectly expressedbut based onarguments fromsource material withsomelimitationsC+ to CSome adequateevaluation based onan adequate ifsimple analysis.May identify someconcepts, theoryand methodsrelevant to the topicunderstudy, but thearguments andevaluation is notwell developed.Work is mainlydescriptive withsome analysis butnot endowed withincisive judgementD+ to DAt most someminimal evaluationbased on limited orsimple analysis ofsome concepts,theory and methodsrelevant to the topicunderstudy, thatmay be shallow,weak or vague. Theresponse lackscritical evaluation.E+ to ELittle or noevaluation isoffered ofconcepts, theoryand methodsrelevant to thetopic understudy,or the question athand.FNo effectiveevaluation isoffered of anyconcepts, theoryand methodsrelevant to thetopic understudy,or the question athand. Submission InstructionsCoursework must be submitted electronically via the University’s WISEflow system. The required file format for this report is Adobe PDF. Your student IDnumber must be used as the file name (e.g. 0123456.pdf). You must ensure that you upload your file in the correct format and use the College’s electroniccoursework coversheet. Please note that submissions of ‘.pages / .docx etc’ documents will not be accepted and must be converted to approved format.The electronic coursework coversheet must be completed and included at the beginning of all coursework submissions prior to submitting on WISEflow.Academic Misconduct, Plagiarism and CollusionAny coursework or examined submission for assessment where plagiarism, collusion or any form of cheating is suspected will be dealt with according to theUniversity processes which are detailed in Senate Regulation 6.You can access information about plagiarism here.Approved BBS Coursework Brief Template 2019/20 5 of 5Brunel Business SchoolThe University regulations on plagiarism apply to published as well as unpublished work, collusion and the plagiarism of the work of other students.Please ensure that you fully understand what constitutes plagiarism before you submit your work.University’s Coursework Submission PolicyPlease refer to the College’s Student Handbook for information on submitting late, penalties applied and procedures.College’s Coursework Submission PolicyPlease refer to the College’s Student Handbook for information relating to the College’s Coursework Submission Policy and procedures.* this can be found at the bottom of the page under the ‘Documents’ section *Extenuating Circumstances PolicyPlease refer to the College’s Student Handbook for information relating to extenuating circumstances and procedures.


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