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E1142Mental Health7 Recovery and self advocacy7.3 Promoting consumer wellbeing7.3.1 Domains of wellbeingACTIVITY 47339 TYPE HtmlSCENARIOAs you have learnt, the domains of wellbeing are physical, social, emotional, cultural/ spiritual andcognitive wellbeing. Each domain includes a variety of requirements that allow for the domain ofwellness to be holistically met.Cognitive aspects that affect wellbeing, including:ability to practise coping strategiesmindfulnessrelaxation.Some theories also include other domains such as financial and environmental wellbeing whichshould also be considered when working with consumers.Financial wellbeing includes having an understanding of money management and being able to getthrough emergencies in life without excess worry. Other aspects include having sufficient incometo cover the cost of living and to plan for the future, including retirement/old age.Environmental wellbeing includes trying to live in harmony with the earth by understanding theimpact of human interaction with nature and personal environment and taking action to protect theworld around us (University of California, 2015). The second aspect is to be aware ofenvironmental hazards to wellbeing, such as pollution in air and water, radiation, chemicals andsecond-hand smoke.When working with the domains of wellbeing, workers should have awareness of how socialexclusion/inclusion, disadvantage, systemic oppression and power dynamics impact on thedomains of wellbeing and the consumer sense of wellbeing overall. This awareness shouldunderpin any intervention with the consumer, and the domains of wellness need to beincorporated into any stage to ensure a holistic approach to wellbeing within the best practiceframework.Activity 44596WHO 5 wellbeing questionnaireThis questionnaire,WHO (Five) Well-Being Index (1998 version)[https://www.psykiatri-regionh.dk/who-5/Documents/WHO5_English.pdf]was developed by the World Health Organisation as a simple and universal tool to assesswellbeing. It is available in dozens of languages and has been used in multiple countries.Complete the questionnaire to assess your own wellbeing.HintsCompleting the WHO-5 questionnaire on a regular basis can help you track your own wellbeing.ACTIVITY 44596 TYPE ContributeSCENARIO WHO 5 wellbeing questionnaire​ ​Watch this clip to see how health services in the UK tackle the issue of wellbeing in a creative way| Topic – 2 / 3© Open Colleges Pty Ltd, 2020.and improve your own wellbeing along the way.[https://youtube.com/watch?v=gLaToGfEaOg]Wellbeing of workers is equally important to consumer wellbeing.Activity 44595Values and beliefsValues and beliefs are inseparable from human existence.Name 10 values and beliefs that you hold dear in your life (think personal, spiritual, social).How do you think they impact your future work with consumers?ACTIVITY 44595 TYPE ContributeSCENARIO Values and beliefs​1 2| Topic – 3 / 3© Open Colleges Pty Ltd, 2020.


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