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LO1 Compare ways in which change impacts on an organisation’s strategy and operations Change has an impact on organisation. You are required to compare different examples of organisations where change has impacted on the organisations’ strategy and operations. You should also assess the different drivers for change in each of the given examples and the types of organisational change they have affected. Part 1 of LO1 Choose organisations, can be in the same or different industriesDiscuss examples of changes that have occurred= can be technology, political, social, legal, economic ( PESTLE)Discuss how the changes have affected strategies of the organisations (that is choices, decisions, in the long term, short term)Discuss how the changes have affected the operations of the organisations (processes, procedures and how they work)discuss the drivers for each of the changes (that is the causes) and what the results of these changes have been – impact of the changesCompared the impacts of these changes on the strategy & operations of these 2 organisations.You can use a table as seen below Organisation 1 Changes- PEST/SWOTDrivers of changeImpact on strategyImpact of operations LO2. You should use the real-world examples of changes that have happened in the organisation. You can use those example from L01.You should discuss whether these are internal/external driversFor each factor how they have affectedLeadership in the organisation behaviourTeams/departmental  behaviourIndividuals behaviourExplain measures that can be used (discuss theories) to minimise negative impacts on the organisation. ChangeInternal/externalImpact on leadership behaviourImpact on team/ departmental behaviourImpact on individual behaviour measures to minimise negative impacts


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