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01/11/20201Crafting Your Future:Professional Practice and ResearchWeek 4 – Formulating and Clarifying theResearchICTM Module Delivery Team Week 4 Activities PlannerICTM Module Delivery Team Wk 4Steps Description Example Activity TypesTools that willsupport thisactivity1Introduction(Informinglearners of theobjective)Introduction to research, research idea, research topic,and SMART research objectives.Objectives:– To generate ideas that will help in the choice of asuitable research topic– To comprehend the attributes of good research topicand research objectives.– To turn research ideas into research objectives – forthe research essay elements of the portfolioStudents read the Saunders et al.(2018) chapter 2, before the lecture.During the lectures the mainconcepts of research and researchobjectives are explained in detail andwith examples, followed by groupand individual activities.Icon VLE,Kaltura, BookChapters,Online Material.2 Lectures anddelivery methodThe main concepts of research, research question/aim,and research objectives are explained to, and discusswith the students.Presentation, Case ExamplesKaltura +Lecture materialon ICON VLE3 ActivityGroup work on the research ideas of each student, andturning them into research question ,and researchobjectives, through a brainstorming discussion.Group discussion and brainstormingBreakoutRooms inKaltura4 Reflection andFeedbackGroups summarise and present their research topics,questions, and objectives.Presentation of the groupbrainstorming outcomesICON VLE andKaltura5 Consolidationand IntegrationStudents share their research ideas, topic andobjectives in the ICON VLEStudents are divided into groups inbreakout room to share theirresearch idea, topics and objectives.Kaltura andICON VLECrafting Your Future – Weekly Planner1 201/11/20202Session ObjectivesThis session is relevant to Learning Outcome 4:“Apply a justified systematic approach to researchmethodology and demonstrate advanced informationskills”, and tries to achieve the following objectives:• To generate ideas that will help in the choice of asuitable research topic• To comprehend the attributes of good researchtopic and research objectives.• To turn research ideas into research objectives –for the research essay elements of the portfolioICTM Module Delivery TeamDefinition of RESEARCHA simple definition:“something that people undertake in order tofind out things in a systematic way, therebyincreasing their knowledge.ICTM Module Delivery Teami.e. research is based on logicalrelationships and not just beliefs.Thus, research will involve anexplanation of the methods used tocollect the data, will argue why theresults obtained are meaningful,and will explain any limitations thatare associated with them.By understanding,describing, explaining,analysing, andcriticising.3 401/11/20203Clarifying the Research TopicFormulating and clarifying the research topic is thestarting point of your research project.Only when you are clear about this, you will beable to choose the most appropriate research planand data collection and analysis techniques.ICTM Module Delivery TeamClarifying the Research TopicSources of ideas for your research topic – yourresearch topic should be about– Something relevant to your career/professionalplans– Something relevant to your previous educationaland/or professional background– Something you are passionate about, but needto know more about it– Something very important for the businesscurrently or in futureICTM Module Delivery Team5 601/11/20204Clarifying the Research TopicBusiness news and analyses can be a very richsource of ideas for your research.The reports, interviews and analyses provided bymajor business publications (e.g. The Times,Financial Times, Guardian, and the DailyTelegraph), in print or online, may provide youwith several ideas (e.g. how Covid-19 has hadimpact on the hospitality sector, or howconsumers do more online shopping these days).ICTM Module Delivery TeamClarifying the Research TopicICTM Module Delivery TeamMind-mapping (example: researching the finance sector)Understanding the financesectorWhat skills areneeded in thefinance sector?Best practices inthe finance sectorFuture of thefinance sector?Various views to thefinance businessand its futureIT applicationsin thefinancsector? 801/11/20205Clarifying the Research TopicBrainstorming – main steps1. What sort of research you have in mind? In the earlystages of formulating a topic, this may be as vague as “Iam interested in marketing but don’t know what to do formy research topic”.2. Ask your teammates forsuggestions, relating toyour research idea.ICTM Module Delivery TeamClarifying the Research TopicBrainstorming – main steps3. Review all the suggestions and explore what ismeant by each.4. Analyse the list of suggestions and decide whichappeal to you most as research ideas and why.ICTM Module Delivery Team91001/11/20206Clarifying the Research TopicPreliminary study• Typically refers to a review of some of therelevant literature, including news items.• This helps you find a better idea about theresearch topic that you have initially had inyour mind.• If you are planning on undertaking yourresearch within an organisation it is importantto gain a good understanding of your hostorganisationICTM Module Delivery TeamAttributes of a good research topicIs it feasible?– Do you have, or can you develop within the project timeframe, the necessary research skills to undertake thetopic?– Is the research topic achievable within the time-frameavailable for you for the project?– Will the project still be current when you finish yourproject?– Are you reasonably certain of being able to gain accessto data you are likely to require for this topic?– Are you really fascinated about the selected topic?ICTM Module Delivery Team111201/11/20207Attributes of a good research topicIs it worthwhile?– Does the topic fit the specifications and meet thestandards set by the examining institution (e.g. yourcourse)?– Will your proposed research be able to provide freshinsights into this topic?– Does your research topic relate clearly to the idea youhave been given (perhaps by your course)?– Will the findings for this research important (e.g. for yourcourse or your professional development)?)– Does the research topic match your career goals?ICTM Module Delivery TeamPoor-Defined Research Topic – an example“Development of an e-commerce Website for anXYZ-company in Nigeria selling Nigerian productsworldwide.”• Level of abstraction is too low• Has been done before/not sufficiently novel• Wrong type of research, wrong focusICTM Module Delivery Team131401/11/20208Poor-Defined Research Topic – an example“The role of SMEs in fast growing Indian Economy”– Too general– Very large-scale– Not doable– No focusICTM Module Delivery TeamIt is often a useful starting point in the writing of researchquestions to begin with one general focus researchquestion that flows from your research idea.A research question is a question about the idea/problemto be addressed. It is therefore focused on the content ofthe topic of interestThis may lead to several more detailed questions or thedefinition of research objectives.Turning research ideas into aresearch aim/questionICTM Module Delivery Team151601/11/20209Writing your research questions will be, in most cases,your individual concern, but it is useful to get other peopleto help you.An obvious source of guidance is your module tutor.Consulting your tutor will avoid the pitfalls of thequestions that are too easy or too difficult or have beenanswered before. Discussing your area of interest withyour project tutor will lead to your research questionsbecoming much clearer.Turning research ideas into aresearch aim/questionICTM Module Delivery Team Research ideaGeneral focus research aims/questionsAdvertising andshare pricesHow does the running of a TV advertising campaigndesigned to boost the image of a company affect itsshare price?Job recruitmentvia the InternetHow effective is staff recruitment via the Internet,compared to traditional methods?Using aromas formarketingIn what ways does the use of specific aromas insupermarkets affect buyer behaviour?The use of InternetbankingWhat effect has the growth of Internet banking hadupon the uses customers make of branch facilities? ExamplesTurning research ideas into aresearch aim/questionICTM Module Delivery Team 171801/11/202010This an iterative processTurning research ideas into aresearch aim/questionICTM Module Delivery TeamResearch ObjectivesA general focus research aim/question should leadto more specific/detailed research objectives.Objectives are seen as evidence of the researcher’sclear sense of purpose and direction.Research objectives should offer more specificitythan research question.ICTM Module Delivery Team192001/11/202011Research Objectives should beSpecific. What precisely do you hope to achieve fromundertaking the research?Measurable. What measures will you use todetermine whether you have achieved yourobjectives?Achievable. Are the targets you have set for yourselfachievable given all the possible constraints?Realistic. Given all the other commitments you may,do have the capacity and energy to complete theresearch?Timely. Will you have time to accomplish all yourobjectives in the time frame you have set?ICTM Module Delivery TeamResearch Objectives – exampleResearch QuestionWhy do organisations in the hospitality sector needto promote diversity in their human resources?Research Objects:– To identify the role of human resources in thehospitality operations.– To identify the benefits of diversity for thehospitality sector.– To determine the enablers and barriers inachieving high employee diversity.ICTM Module Delivery Team212201/11/202012Research Objectives – exampleResearch QuestionWhat capabilities and skills are needed by UKgrocery retail sector in mid-term future.Research Objects:– To understand the structure and main activities of theUK grocery retail.– To explore its current and future (next 3-5 years) markettrends.– To identify the skills and capabilities, required by thesector to respond to the market needs in next 3-5 years.ICTM Module Delivery TeamICTM Module Delivery Team232401/11/202013Class Discussion: Case StudiesIn this group task, first each group member shares his/herideas about the research that s/he is going to carry out forhis/her research essay.Second each group should pick 2-3 of those ideas, discussthem in further detail, and turning them into researchaims/questions.In the third step, the group should define and formulate anumber of SMART objectives for eachof those research question.The outcomes are presented to thewhole class at the end.ICTM Module Delivery TeamICTM Module Delivery TeamExtra study:Read the book chapter (chapter 2), shared inthe VLE, and make sure you consider itsguidelines in your research essay.Watch the training video on “ResearchQuestion Development”, shared in the VLE,keep your learning notes from it for yourresearch essay.252601/11/202014ICTM Module Delivery Team27


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