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Active readingYou will get more out of your reading material and be a more efficient reader, if youread actively. Being an active reader does not just happen – it needs planning, techniqueand practice. Below is a simple method of planning your reading, SQ3R, so that it ismore active, more purposeful, and much more productive. SQ3R stands for:S(urvey), Q(uestion), R(ead), R(ecall), R(eview)SurveyHave a quick look through the paper (book, or chapter, or article) to see what it is aboutand what you can expect to get out of it. You may also find it helpful to survey the list ofcontents and the index.QuestionWrite down the questions you will be able to answer when you have read the book (orchapter, or article) properly. The survey you have just done, and your own needs (andmaybe assignment titles and exam questions) will help you to formulate the questions.ReadOnce you have formulated some useful questions, reading is easy. All you have to do isfind where the answers to your questions are and read those bits carefully, perhapsunderlining, a few notes brief notes in the margins, sketching one or two diagrams, doingsome calculations to make sure you understand them, and so on. But, do not take notesin the usual sense.RecallThis part of the reading technique is vital. Try to answer all your questions withoutlooking at the material or your notes. You will soon find out what you have learned andwhat you need to spend more time on.ReviewGo back to the material and check your answers. Go over the things you have got wrongor could not answer. Remember, do not get trapped by the material, just dip into therelevant bits.


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