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Company Policies & Practices________________________________________________________________1Talent Management Policy Effective Date:Coverage:October 15, 2014All Employees Worldwide ________________________________________________________________The Greif WayGreif’s values are the same wherever we are in the world. We are ethical, strong through diversity,serious about sustainability and committed to continuous improvement in all aspects of our work.Talent Management: The Greif WayWe encourage and embrace our diversity of culture, language, location and thought. Our differencesdefine but do not divide us; our common interests unite us. From the many, we are one: Greif. We treatpeople the way we would like to be treated while being respectful of their cultural norms. Our employeeshave certain expectations of the Company, and it is the Company’s obligation to do its best to fulfill thoseexpectations. Regardless of race, color, sex, creed, national origin, age, gender, disability, veteran andcolor status each Greif employee will be treated fairly. The Company will be mindful of careeropportunities within Greif for its employees.Recruitment ProcessGreif recognizes that the success of a company is attributed to the talent of its employees. The Companywants to ensure we have a compliant and competitive hiring process to yield the greatest talent.Therefore all counties must follow the same process and guidelines.Standardized recruitment process is implemented to ensure: The best qualified job applicants are recruited both internally and externally; New hires, internal promotions and transfers are evaluated against the Greif competencies; The hiring process is cost effective; Greif is in compliance with Equal Employment Opportunity laws and local laws andregulations; All positions require an approved Employment Requisition form. Recruiting cannot beginwithout the approved and completed requisition form; All internal transfers require an approved Employment Requisition form; All relocations follow the established relocation policy.Internal recruitmentGreif believes in and supports internal candidates as the best way to provide career advancementopportunities and retain the talents of the organization.In general, notice of all job openings, part-time and full time below the level of the Vice Presidentmust be posted on Greif’s internal job board for a minimum of 10 business days. There may beCompany Policies & Practices________________________________________________________________2business conditions that could cause a position to be filled without posting, or internal and externalpostings may be simultaneously posted. Examples of such business conditions may include, but notlimited to: Organizational restructuring; Critical operational needs; Candidates within the same department or division who are qualified and/or already trainedfor the position.Eligibility for applying to a job posing internally: The applicant must be a regular employee of Greif with acceptable performance (a rating ofMeets and above, not currently on a Performance Improvement Plan (PIP), or on a PIP withinthe prior 12 months). Internal applicants must meet the experience and educational requirements of the position towhich they wish to apply. Qualified non-Greif temporary employees may apply for positions. Temporary workers will begiven the same opportunity as would be afforded any other external candidate. Newly hired Greif employees will be eligible to take advantage of the internal opportunitiesprocess after completion of twelve (12) months’ service. Employees who have transferred toa new position or department will be eligible for the posting process after twelve (12) monthsof service in the new role. The Company reserves the right to consider exceptions based on business needs.Should an internal candidate not meet the qualifications for the posted position, or not otherwise beselected for interview or hire, the HR Department will provide the appropriate feedback to the internalcandidate.Equal opportunitiesGreif is an equal employment opportunity company. Positions are filled (whether internally or throughexternal sources) by candidates whose background and experience best meets the qualifications ofthe position. Greif does not discriminate against applicants or employees on the basis of race, creed,color, gender, sexual orientation, age, religion, disability or national origin, or any other statusprotected by law.Building on the core values of The Greif Way the company gives priority to internal applicantscompared to external ones if the internal candidates are equally skilled or even if less skilled but havethe potential to grow in the new position. This is how the company promotes the people, developsand retains them on a long-term.Company Policies & Practices________________________________________________________________3Performance Management ProcessPerformance management at Greif is a process for communicating employee performance expectations,maintaining ongoing performance dialogue and conducting annual performance appraisals.Performance appraisal process applies for white collar workers in all business units. The process issupported by an online tool. Blue collar appraisals are driven by local systems and align with localcollective agreements and or local legislation or requirements in place.The appraisal process is conducted annually, with at least 1 discussion between the manager and theemployee.Setting goals and objectives – The aim of this step is to translate the organizational strategy toindividual goals, increase skills and confidence of the employee and have the employee involved intothe process so that he/she feels responsible and accountable for its completion. It is also importantthat employees would understand how their performance is going to be measured during the year.Mid-year review (optional) – Mid-year discussion is for reviewing progress and communicatingachievements to the employees.Year-end appraisal – During the year-end discussion manager provides feedback to the employeeabout the achievements and results and scores the employee according to the global rating scale.The year-end evaluation is the basis of salary increase or bonus entitlement.Company Policies & Practices________________________________________________________________4Career and Development PlanGreif promotes an environment where career goals are listened and built into the development plans ofthe employees. Planning the future career of an employee is an optional part of the annual performancemanagement process. Managers are strongly advised to include this into their regular discussions withtheir employees. Employees should also have the drive to initiate this type of discussion with theirmanagers. Employees should take personal responsibility for managing their careers, seeking feedback,assessing their own strengths and weaknesses.Training and DevelopmentGreif strongly builds and supports a culture where employees can enroll and participate in training andlearning opportunities. To support this initiative Greif has a global Leadership Development & Trainingcatalog and the Greif Learning Network (Skillport) that includes a global training calendar andapproximately 200 online learning courses.The Training Calendar has several classroom based Greif training courses that are open for enrollment.Employees can access the calendar by logging into the network and clicking on the Instructor LedTraining Sessions link. Every enrollment requires prior approval from the manager of the employee.Online courses are free of charge and can be enrolled by the employees through the same portal.Examples of Greif Courses Available For Enrollment: Continuous Improvement Coaching Leadership Presentation SkillsGreif also utilizes internal and external training providers for different topics (e.g. Leadership andBusiness Management Program, Negotiation and Objective Handling, Communication, Competencybased Interviewing, Safety, Sales, HR and Finance). The company provides skills development trainingthrough certifications, team meetings and significant on-the-job activities and international assignments.Additionally, managers may select local or regional training programs for employees. Greif also has atuition reimbursement program.Career mobilityCareer mobility opportunities are discussed regularly on the annual talent reviews.Besides, Greif established The Global Assignment Policy with the following objectives: To establish competitive compensation and benefit programs that will facilitate equitabletreatment for employees. To promote effective global career and manpower planning on a medium and long-term basisfor the optimum development both of the Company’s business and the employee’s growth. To facilitate transfers to and from business units of the Company. To minimize financial gains or hardships by reason of overseas assignment other than thegains intended by assignment premiums.Company Policies & Practices________________________________________________________________5 To be cost effective, easily understood, and simple to administer.All proposals for assignment must be submitted by the organization wishing to initiate the Global LongTerm Assignment. The proposal should outline the business necessity and estimate of duration andprovisions for the Global Long-Term Assignment, including the completion of an actual assignment costprojection. Once the Chief Operating Officer and the Senior Vice President of Global People Servicesand Talent Management authorize the Global Long-Term Assignment, all coordination activities will beginincluding any modifications required to the assignment cost projection and, in some cases, theassessment of potential assignment candidates, and development and identification of the candidatepool. For further specific information Employees must review the Global Long-Term Assignment Policy.General AdministrationEach management member is responsible for ensuring that this policy is communicated to his/heremployees and administered consistently and fairly.Policy ChangeThis Policy sets forth the preferred approach to talent management in the workplace. The Companyreserves the right to alter, amend, or terminate this Policy at any time and at its sole discretion.QuestionsGeneral questions regarding this Policy should be directed to your supervisor, manager or RegionalHuman Resources manager.


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