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6HR510 Developing Leadership and Management 20-21 Asynchronous and Seminar 3 session outline for students ActivityInstructionsSuggested time and resourcesAsynchronous 1 What kind of follower are you?  Read Bjugstad et al. (2006) and Kelley (1988) and consider the typologies introduced by Kellerman (2007).  (See reading posted in course resources) Complete the ‘follower quiz’ to assist with providing an answer the following questions:   What type of follower do you think you are?What evidence is there to support your perception?  1 hour  Synchronous 1 What kind of follower are you?  Based on your reading and self-analysis in the completion of the asynchronous activity discuss in breakout groups: The type of follower you consider yourself to be, do your peers agree?Who do you follow? Why?What affects your desire to follow?  25 minutesSynchronous 2 Matching Leaders to FollowersMatch the leadership styles below to the followership style and motivation:   o             Transformational o             Transactional o             Laissez-faire o             Servant o             Authentic o             Situational leadership   Consider Kelley’s and Kellerman’s typologies of followership to help decide which follower style might fall into for each style of leadership15 minutesSynchronous 3 Group discussionHow much do you think that leaders shape the behaviour of followers?How much do you think that followers shape the behaviour of leaders?What is good followership?How often do you think followership occurs nowadays?20 minutes


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