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6HR510 Developing Leadership and Management 2021 Seminar 1 session outline for Students ActivityInstructionsTime and resourcesAsynchronous    Preparation for group debate.   All students should contribute to the debate based on the motion given below.  Time should be allocated to individual and group-based research to inform their contributions.   The group should be divided equally (or thereabouts) one half supporting the motion, the other half opposing. Prepare for both sides of the mute.   Motion: ‘The terms management and leadership are constantly used interchangeably by academics and in industry, this highlights that there is clearly little difference’Kotterman, J. (2006), Leadership Versus Management: What’s the Difference? The Journal for Quality and Participation; Cincinnati Vol. 29, Iss. 2, (Summer 2006): 13-17.   Zaleznik, A. (1992) ‘Managers and Leaders:  Are they different?’, Harvard Business Review, March-April, pp. 126-135.Asynchronous Activity 2Individually research Trait, Situation, and Contingency theory in preparation for the synchronous group work in the seminar (activity 2)  Useful reading is given at the end of the lecture slides. Daft (2015) and Northouse (2016) are both ebooks available from UoD library.Synchronous Activity 1 2-sided Group Debate20-30 minutes debate   Everyone is expected to contribute to the discussion and may be asked a nominated question by the seminar tutor, so it is important to be prepared and show engagement with the module.   5-10 summary of discussion. Activity 2 Critical Evaluation of Early Leadership TheoriesStudents will be allocated randomly by collaborate into small groups, each group will be given either Trait Theory, or situation and contingency theory. Students will use the preparatory work completed during the asynchronous activity and combine it with their group members.   Each group will create an academic poster which should comprise:   * Brief summary of the theory/approach * Summary of how the theory furthered thinking on leadership at the time *Summary of the main criticisms/limitations of the theory/approach * Whether the approach would be considered appropriate in the modern business world, if so where? How?   Ensure that the poster is properly referenced.    One person per group must upload the completed poster onto the Discussion board set up on course resources under the Social Learning tab to enable other students to review and comment on them before the next seminar.   Comment constructively on other groups’ submissions before the next seminar.


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