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www.derby.ac.uk/technologyCollege of Science and EngineeringDepartment of Built and Natural Environment6HX503CIVIL ENGINEERING CONSTRUCTIONMANAGEMENTINTRODUCTION SESSION 1B▪ Recorded Session▪ Response to work from 1A▪ Lecture completion▪ Introduction to Tutorial▪ Dr. Brian Counter10 Health and Safety Risks in Construction▪ How did you do?10 Health and Safety Risks in Construction▪ Working at Height▪ Moving Objects▪ Slips, Trips, & Falls▪ Noise▪ Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome▪ Material & Manual Handling▪ Collapse▪ Asbestos▪ Airborne Fibres & Materials – Respiratory Diseases▪ ElectricityManagers – Up in the clouds!!!!!!Board MembersOperational / Technical DirectorsRegional DirectorsProject Directors/Senior ManagersSection Managers/ Site EngineersGeneral ForemenSupervisorsChargemenLabourersThe banksman is anextra pair of eyesfor the augeroperator.Watch out for theflexible tube forconcrete on theright!A large site: Bristol Riverside Offices• Site Agent• Admin/Secretarial• Planner• Buyer• Engineer• QS• Safety Officer• Supervisors– Delivery– Quality• Plant operators• Operatives– Skilled– Semiskilled– UnskilledSite Team – CommunicationHQ processSite processThe worldStakeholders▪ Public at large▪ Government Central & Local (& very local!)▪ Utilities▪ Emergency Services▪ Agencies▪ Businesses National & Local▪ Pressure Groups▪ Professional Bodies & Associations▪ Voluntary Groups Clubs and Associations▪ UnionsWhy bother?▪ Media publicity good and bad!▪ Cooperation▪ Legal challenges and enforcement▪ Noise and nuisance▪ Safety▪ DelaysCAN ALL COST A GREAT DEAL OF £WHY HAVE SYSTEMS?▪ Consistency▪ Safety▪ Efficiency▪ No rework▪ Minimise waste▪ Compliance▪ No surprises▪ Organisation planning and resourcingCAN AVOID A GREAT DEAL OF STRESSGOOD MANAGEMENT PRACTICES▪ Lessons should be learnt▪ Wembly stadium (2007);▪ Edinburgh Tram (2011)▪ London Olympics (2012)▪ Queensferry Crossing (2017)▪ Best practice – Why re-invent the wheel?▪ Continuous Improvement▪ Innovate or die!▪ Leadership▪ Take responsibility do not pass it on▪ Make people feel bad for themselves▪ Don’t overmanage (delegate and empower)What does society want from Construction Professionals?www.derby.ac.uk/technologyGOOD MANAGEMENT CULTURE▪ Paradigm shift▪ Avoid Mushroom syndrome and Fear▪ Encourage Peer pressure the 80/20 rule▪ Involve – Consult – Respect – Worktogether▪ Truth & Honesty▪ Development Training & PromotionManagement is always challenging but in civilengineering it can be a roller coaster ride!!! Tutorial Session –Why do we need systems?On Line Activity▪ What systems do we use in Civil Engineering?▪ Why?▪ Name some benefits or shortcomingswww.derby.ac.uk/technologyNEXT WEEK▪ Please come prepared with the following to enable you to discuss with therest of the group:▪ Go on HSE website and find an accident report▪ Go to Construction News or similar and find a bit of news relating to theconstruction industrywww.derby.ac.uk/technology


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