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6HX503 CIVIL ENGINEERING AND CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENTEXAM MOCK QUESTIONSSAFETY 1In the 1960’s and early 1970’s safety in the workplace in the UK became a major issue inthe UK and laws and regulations were passed. Critically assess the effectiveness of thelegislation. Describe the major act and how it works with particular reference toenhanced regulations for management which came in 1999.SAFETY 2Accidents just happen. Discuss this concept within the theory of causation and thepossible reduction associated with a requirement for accident reporting which wasmade mandatory in 2007.SAFETY 3There is a legal, moral, and business requirement for managers to improve safety andcreate an enhanced safety culture. Discuss this issue within the context of constructionand explain the concept of “reasonably practical”.SAFETY 4In 1994 a new regulation called CDM was introduced and it is said that it did as much toreduce accidents as the original HASAW Act in 1974. Critically discuss this statementand include the latest provisions of 2015 in your answer.QUALITY 1Discuss and define the development of quality systems from the post-war period to themodern concept of total quality management including international standradandexplaining the use of international standards.QUALITY 2Critically discuss the aims and principles features of using quality systems within thecontext of a Construction organisation What are the three key strategic aims of aQuality System?QUALITY 3Identify and explain the International standard for quality systems, give examples of thevarious sections and documents including their application to Construction.QUALITY 4Critically discuss the need for checks and audits in construction and the processes thatensure quality assurance rather than quality control. Explain the continuousimprovement process and give examples.PROFESSIONAL PRACTICE 1Many people in Civil Engineering and Construction Management do not holdProfessional Qualifications. Explore the Benefits to gaining and maintainingprofessional status.PROFESSIONAL PRACTICE 2As professionals in Construction we need to demonstrate that we act ethically and wecomply with a Code of Conduct. Critically Discuss why this should be and what thesecover and how they link to the three pillars or triple bottom line.SUSTAINABILITY 1Discuss how has Climate Change has affected the Planet, review how treaties andlegislation have driven changes and suggest ways that Construction can be moresustainable.


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