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EXAM INSTRUCTIONS FRIDAY 15th JANUARY 2021• Your timed constrained assessment (exam) for Civil EngineeringConstruction Management (6HX503) will be released on Friday 15thJanuary at 10.00am, under the assessment tab of the module.• You will first need to read the time constrained assessment info withinthe same tab, for the paper to be released. Once opened the durationyou will take will be monitored. You have the duration of the exam (3hours plus an extra hour) to format your work and to upload it to theTurnitin submission point (named TCA submission), under theassessment tab.• You can choose any 4 hour window within 24 hours of the exambeing released to complete the work. All work must be submitted inthe Turnitin submission point, in a single word document, by no laterthan 9.59am on Saturday 16th January.• Any work submitted after this time will be classed as a nonsubmission and then you will have to complete the referral exam,which would be capped at 40%.Exam 3 hours equivalentThree sections with three or four questions– no options answer all• Quality 12, 12, 10 = 34 MARKS• Safety and Sustainability 15, 8, 8, 5 = 36 MARKS• Professional Practice 1 2, 10, 8 = 30 MARKSThree questions from each6HX503 CIVIL ENGINEERING AND CONSTRUCTIONMANAGEMENTEXAM MOCK QUESTIONSSAFETY 1In the 1960’s and early 1970’s safety in the workplace in the UKbecame a major issue in the UK and laws and regulations werepassed. Critically assess the effectiveness of the legislation.Describe the major act and how it works with particular referenceto enhanced regulations for management which came in 1999.SAFETY 2Accidents just happen. Discuss this concept within the theory ofcausation and the possible reduction associated with arequirement for accident reporting which was made mandatory in2007.SAFETY 3There is a legal, moral, and business requirement for managers toimprove safety and create an enhanced safety culture. Discussthis issue within the context of construction and explain theconcept of “reasonably practical”.SAFETY 4In 1994 a new regulation called CDM was introduced and it is saidthat it did as much to reduce accidents as the original HASAWAct in 1974. Critically discuss this statement and include thelatest provisions of 2015 in your answer.QUALITY 1Discuss and define the development of quality systems from thepost-war period to the modern concept of total qualitymanagement including international standradand explaining theuse of international standards.QUALITY 2Critically discuss the aims and principles features of usingquality systems within the context of a Construction organisationWhat are the three key strategic aims of a Quality System?QUALITY 3Identify and explain the International standard for qualitysystems, give examples of the various sections and documentsincluding their application to Construction.QUALITY 4Critically discuss the need for checks and audits in constructionand the processes that ensure quality assurance rather thanquality control. Explain the continuous improvement process andgive examples.PROFESSIONAL PRACTICE 1Many people in Civil Engineering and Construction Managementdo not hold Professional Qualifications. Explore the Benefits togaining and maintaining professional status.PROFESSIONAL PRACTICE 2As professionals in Construction we need to demonstrate that weact ethically and we comply with a Code of Conduct. CriticallyDiscuss why this should be and what these cover and how theylink to the three pillars or triple bottom line.SUSTAINABILITY 1Discuss how has Climate Change has affected the Planet, reviewhow treaties and legislation have driven changes and suggestways that Construction can be more sustainable.


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