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6HR510 Developing Leadership and Management 2020-21 Lecture and Seminar 7 session outline for students Lecture The 2-hour lecture for this week at UoD will consist of a series of guest talks from a range of eight individuals followed by a panel discussion. Guest speakers to talk for 10 minutes about the following: Overview of your leadership journey – where you started and how you got to where you areAn outline of your core roles and responsibilitiesDid anyone stand out to you in their leadership journey – inside/outside of the business? Remainder of the session: Panel discussion of questions posed by students please email the module leader if you have any specific questions that you wish to be asked to ensure they are addressed by the panel. The types of questions you may wish to ask in addition to others include: How would you describe your leadership style?What do you consider to be the main differences between managers and leaders?What do you regard as the critical skills/behaviours for leaders?What development is given to managers/trainee managers at your organisation to develop their leadership skills?Do you have any advice to potential future managers? Any top tips for managers/leaders to build resilience? Seminar The purpose of the seminar in week 7 (originally week 6 on the SOW) is to provide support towards the assignment (launched in week 4). At this point you should have developed an understanding of the first two learning outcome of the module: Critically evaluate the definition, roles and responsibilities of Leadership and Management in modern contextsAssess alternative theoretical approaches to leadership and management and their relevance within contemporary organisations Activity    InstructionsSuggested time and resources  Asynchronous activityPrepare a draft outline of the answer to section 1 of the assessment covering LO1 and LO2 for discussion in the seminar and feedback by your tutor and peers. You are advised to reflect on the lecture and seminar materials and guest speaker input to inform your plan.   It is expected at this stage that you will start to identify areas for further research and conduct independent research.  60 minutes  Synchronous seminarThis seminar will help you to consolidate learning to date, aligned with section 1 of the assessment. You have heard from some guest speakers and participated in a panel discussion and you are encouraged to reflect on what you have heard and how you can leverage this information in your report.   Your tutor will review your draft outline and field any questions arising. The session will enable you to work independently on your assignment preparations, with support as required from the tutor.   Refer to the assessment guidance given in week 4 and the supplementary guidance on how to present the report issued in week 6.   If you decide not to attend the session, or use the time constructively, then you will place yourself at a disadvantage, as further time will not specifically be dedicated in class to the first two learning outcomes.  60 minutes


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