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NUM1205 Legal and Ethical Requirements in Nursing and Midwifery Practice, Semester 1 2021 1Assessment 2 Recorded Presentation Assessment DescriptionRecorded PresentationValue40%Team or IndividualIndividual assessmentFormatPanopto Video Presentation (10 minutes)Due Date and timeDue Week 9 Wednesday 21st April 2021 11:59 PMHow to SubmitElectronically via Blackboard > Assessment 2 folderLearning Outcomes2 – 5Professional CompetenciesNMBA Standards 1,3,4,5,6,7Marking CriteriaPlease refer to Blackboard > Assessment items > Assessment 2 MarkingGuidelines/RubricFeedbackFeedback will be available via Turnitin and marks via Blackboard > My Grades. Clinical ScenarioYou are required to read the following scenario:Elenore is a 16 year old who attended the rural accident and emergency department (ED) complaining of lowerabdominal pain. Accompanied by her mother, Elenore was initially triaged by the registered nurse (RN) who recordedher vital signs and found them to be within normal parameters, and also recorded a pain score of 3 out of 10. The RNalso tested Elenore’s urine and no abnormalities were detected, hence, she was asked to sit in the waiting room withher mother until she could be seen by a medical officer. At that point, a number of people were admitted to the ED as aresult of being injured in a motor vehicle accident (MVA) that had involved a number of cars and a motorcyclist,therefore, Elenore was kept waiting. The motorcyclist had major head, leg and chest injuries whilst the other patientshad a number of significant but not so critical injuries. Elenore and her mother were informed by the nurse of theaccident and advised that there may be a delay. While they waited, they noticed how short staffed the departmentappeared to be and so did not want to complain.Four hours after her initial presentation, Elenore was called through to the treatment area of the ED where adoctor commenced her examination. By this time her pain score had increased to 5 out of 10, and her vital signs wereindicative of her discomfort. Prior to completing his examination, the doctor was called to attend to one of the patientsin the MVA who was deteriorating. Unfortunately, the cause of Elenore’s abdominal pain at this point was unknown butas he left the doctor ordered her to be kept nil by mouth (NbM), to have intravenous (IV) fluids, pain relief and a fullblood count. The RN explained the treatment and the plan of care in full to Elenore and her mother, following whichshe commenced IV fluids and organised for a full blood count to be done along with continued monitoring of thepatient’s vital signs. However, Elenore declined pain relief advising that she may be pregnant and that she did not wanther mother to know. The nurse did however, inform the doctor who ordered an urgent ultrasound scan, confirmingpregnancy but no fetal heartbeat.NUM1205 Legal and Ethical Requirements in Nursing and Midwifery Practice, Semester 1 2021 2Elenore subsequently heavily haemorrhaged vaginally, and the doctor ordered more blood specimens forhaemoglobin (HB) group and hold in preparation for surgery to evacuate the remaining uterine contents, at which timeher mother advised that she and Elenore were Jehovah’s Witnesses. Consent for surgery was gained and on the way tothe operating theatre Elenore stated that she was happy to consent to receive blood products if necessary and thedoctor was informed. During the operation Elenore lost a significant amount of blood and the doctor ordered a bloodtransfusion to save her life. In the operating theatre, nursing staff assisted the doctor to complete the bloodtransfusion. Following the procedure, Elenore was transferred to recovery area and then to a ward. Her mother wasangry and aggressive towards the nurses when she discovered that her daughter had a blood transfusion in progress.ContentThe overall aim of this presentation is to use the specific and relevant elements of the clinical scenario as the basis fromwhich to demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of the unit content (legal and ethical issues including nursinglegislation i.e. the RN’s professional codes and standards), and how it applies in the clinical situation. Your task is todevelop a recorded presentation synthesising the relevant unit content, discussing it in relation to the relevant areas ofthe case study and in relation to the nursing legislation. A synthesis means the combination of components or elementsto form a connected whole: combine the concepts within your presentation, rather than presenting them one by one.In doing this you will provide an analysis: a detailed examination. Also, consider categorising the concepts andpresenting them as themes and do any of the ethical theories or principles conflict with each other or with the law?For example, we have discussed the two main ethical theories of Utilitarianism and Deontology. You may decide todiscuss them together using the relevant elements/aspects of the clinical scenario as the basis for the discussion butensuring that you demonstrate your knowledge of those concepts and their relationship/application to the clinicalsituation. DO NOT DEMONSTRATE YOUR KNOWLEDGE OF CLINICAL EXPERTISE: THIS IS ABOUT LAW AND ETHICS. Youwill also need to link how this relates to the relevant aspect of nursing legislation e.g. the RN Standards for Practice orthe ICN Code of Ethics for Nurses and any conflicts that may exist.Remember that when you introduce a concept you will need to define/explain them for the audience, in this case themarker. Do not assume they know what you mean. They need to know that you know! Also, you may find it useful touse the Ethical Decision Making Framework to aid your planning.The concepts that you should consider are:• Possible Ethical Dilemma/s associated with the clinical scenario• Utilitarianism and Deontology• Beneficence, Non Maleficence, Autonomy, Justice (distributive justice)• Capacity/ legal capacity and competence/ mature minor• Consent/ the elements of informed consent• Veracity (truth telling)• Fidelity• The Tort of Negligence/ Components of Negligence• Duty of Care/ Scope of PracticeNUM1205 Legal and Ethical Requirements in Nursing and Midwifery Practice, Semester 1 2021 3• DocumentationYou will be assessed on the quality of the application of theory (unit content) to practice and the quality and depth ofthe analysis presented. You will also be assessed on your ability to support your discussion with evidence fromappropriate literature, including the quality and relevance of that literature.There is a minimum of 10 references required, although you should read widely and incorporate that reading into yourpresentation. The more you read, the more evidence you will find to weave into your analysis and support your ethicaland legal claims. References for this presentation should be within 5 years of publication only. References should befrom a valid source (peer reviewed journals, government organisations, and professional online websites and resourcese.g. Department of Health, Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia etc.). All must be relevant to Australia. Referencesshould support the ethical and legal/professional information as oppose to clinical information.PresentationThe basis of the presentation must be a power point uploaded to Panopto and then recorded using the audio and videoin order that you can be both heard and seen presenting, in addition to seeing the power point (This is how theLectures/ILA’s are presented for this unit). Ensure you speak clearly to maximise understanding.The presentation will be no longer than 10 minutes. If it is shorter than 10 minutes, then it is unlikely that you havecovered all aspects of the assignment.At the beginning of the presentation you will introduce yourself by showing your Student (picture) ID card clearly inorder to identify yourself. This can then be checked against the recording of you presenting.The presentation must include an introduction, a body and a conclusion/summary/closing statement.The presentation will be marked using the Assessment 2 marking rubric, which you will find in the Assessment 2 folderon the unit Blackboard site. Please read each criterion carefully and reflect the positive criteria in your presentation.Please consider both the rubric and the assignment brief carefully as you construct your presentation.You will also be assessed on the quality of your presentation and ability to engage your audience, since the ability toengage and maintain engagement of others e.g. patients, peers etc. is an important component of health education inall areas of expertise.You will be assessed for ELP within this assignment, although NUM1205 is not a prescribed unit for ELP. As such ELP willbe assessed as part of the ‘Presentation’ component of the rubric. Ensure that you pay close attention to theconstruction of sentences when used and ensure spelling, grammar and syntax are correct where relevant.Poor ELP will detract from the content of the presentation if you are unable to articulate the true meaning that you aretrying to convey, and this may lose valuable marks.ReferencingYou must reference throughout the presentation and also provide an end text or end of presentation reference list. Youmust comply with the ECU APA 7th Referencing Guide to ensure all in-text and end-text references are correct. There isNUM1205 Legal and Ethical Requirements in Nursing and Midwifery Practice, Semester 1 2021 4no excuse for deviating from these guidelines as they are available through the Bb site, the library and student supportresources. If you are unsure about referencing, see the Learning Consultant early in the semester.General instructions for the assignment:Please note your submission date, as detailed in your unit plan. You are strongly advised not to leave your submissionsuntil the last day, rather you work on your assessments as you complete the tutorials, enabling you to focus on yourstudies whilst working around any practicum or personal commitments or other units. You can edit your presentation inPanopto as many times as you wish but can only submit once. Submissions beyond the due date and time will have latepenalties applied unless you have secured an extension due to extenuating circumstances. If you submit yourpresentation late, 5% will be deducted for each day the assignment is late for up to seven days (including weekends)after the due date, at which point a mark of zero will be assigned.If a student wishes to apply for an extension, they are required to do so prior to close of business on the due date.Instructions for applying for an extension can be found on Bb in the Assessment Items tab on Bb > ‘Assessment 2 Powerpoint Presentation’ folder > Assessment Extension Requests


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