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Research topic:Perceptions of resident safety culture among nursing home staffin Western Australia1. Introduction 10%2. Aims 5%To assess the perceptions of resident safety culture among nursing home staff.Research questionsWhat is the overall score and rating of resident safety culture by nursing home staff?How does resident safety culture scores differ by participants characteristics?How does the overall rating of resident safety culture differ by participants characteristics?Research objectivesTo compare perception of resident safety culture between non-clinical and clinical staff.To determine factors influencing overall score and rating on resident safety culture.To compare staff working hour for resident safety.3. Approach 20%A. Literature Search Strategies (PRISMA included)B. Study quality appraisalC. Data analysis plan4. Findings 35%A. Literature search resultsB. Outcome of study quality assessmentC. Critical Analysis of Literature5. Summary6. Conclusion


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