Safety & Regulatory Requirements | My Assignment Tutor of Science and EngineeringNatural and Built Environment 6HX503CIVIL ENGINEERING CONSTRUCTIONMANAGEMENTSafety & Regulatory Requirements Part 2Session 6B TutorialContent of today’s tutorial session▪ Lecture 6A▪ Project level Health and Safety Management▪ Assignment▪ Revision for Exam▪ Videos to watch▪ Introduction to ExerciseFinal words to Remember about CDM▪ Lifecycle▪ Duty Holders▪ ConstructionPhase Plan▪ H&S File▪ F10▪ Client▪ Principal Designer▪ Principal ContractorWhat do the experts say about goodcompany safety management systems?THE 4 C’s and CI• Establish and maintain CONTROL of the Safety arrangements.• Promote CO-OPERATION (safety needs to be a collaborative effort)• Ensure good COMMUNICATION of relevant information throughoutthe organisation.• Secure the COMPETENCE of your workers and contractors.• Provide clear and visible leadership• Ensure continual improvement.Project LevelHealth and Safety ManagementIf the Contractor/Principal Contractor is toachieve successful health and safetymanagement at project level, they mustestablish a clearly determined set of policieswhich set out basic procedures and expectedstandards of performance.Project LevelHealth & Safety ManagementManagementA labourer has been left with life-changinginjuries after suffering severe burns whenhe struck an underground electricity cablewhile using a jackhammer at a constructionsite in Kent. Bradley Marsh, 28, wasworking for Dwyer Engineering ServicesLtd when the incident took place.Mr Marsh was using a jackhammer when he struck an 11,000-voltcable and suffered 62 percent burns to his upper body, face, neck andarms.Dwyer appeared at Maidstone Crown Court and pleaded guilty tobreaching reg. 25(1) of the Construction (Design and Management)Regulations 2007. It was fined £20,000 and ordered to pay £14,532 incosts.Health & Safety Management PoliciesRisk AssessmentPermits to WorkSafety Method StatementsSafety Induction & TrainingProject AdministrationSafety Management AuditsProject LevelHealth & Safety ManagementHealth and Safety Management PoliciesProject LevelHealth & Safety ManagementA health and safety management system for any constructionproject should establish a manual of policies and safe workingprocedures. These should include..Site access/egress foremployees/visitorsSite access vehiclesSafety induction & trainingAccommodation & welfare facilitiesSafety signageWork at height, in excavations,confined spaces demolition etcPersonal Protective EquipmentPublic safetyReporting injury, ill-health, near missincidentsEtc………………..Risk AssessmentProject LevelHealth & Safety ManagementRisk assessment is key to establishingsafe systems of work on site.Suitable and sufficient risk assessmentswill identify the specific site hazards,enabling the management team toimplement the safe systems of worknecessary to control them.For notifiable projects these systems willbe incorporated within the constructionphase plan.Risk AssessmentProject LevelHealth & Safety ManagementPermits to WorkProject LevelHealth & Safety ManagementManagement control procedure when,Work identified as high riskTasks require specific training.Work complicated in nature or locationSafety Method StatementsProject LevelHealth & Safety ManagementThese link the construction processes to the health andsafety dimension by detailing how the work should becarried out, including the control measures that must beadopted to reduce the likelihood of an incidentProvide workforce with critical information on how tocarry out the work safelyEnable easier co-ordination of contractors on siteForm basis of monitoring and control mechanismsProject LevelHealth & Safety ManagementProject LevelHealth & Safety ManagementSafety Induction & trainingProject LevelHealth & Safety ManagementSite Policy and ProceduresConstruction Phase Plan (CDM 2015)Penalties/disciplinary issuesExpected safety performance standardsRelevant safety method statementsFirst aid & emergency proceduresAccident reportingETC……….Project AdministrationProject LevelHealth & Safety ManagementSafety inspections (Scaffold, Excavations etc.)Reporting of accidents.Accident investigation.Report to HSE (RIDDOR)FatalitiesMajor InjuriesOver 3 day injuriesOccupational DiseasesDangerous OccurrencesCompany Rules: Any accident to be reportedMinor InjuriesNear MissSite safety meetings.Safety Management AuditsProject LevelHealth & Safety ManagementAre we actually doing what we say we are in the policy?What are the benefits being gained from the system?What improvements could we make?Total Loss ControlA management system approach concerned with theprevention of losses.Defined as a programme designed to reduce or eliminate allaccidents which downgrade the system and which result inthe wastage of the organisations assets listed below.ManpowerMaterialsMachineryManufactured GoodsMoneyTHE 3 QUALITY FUNDAMENTALS ALSO APPLY EQUALLYTO SAFETY!!▪Checks▪Systems▪Continuous ImprovementVideo to watch▪ REVISION▪ We have now covered all the basic and advancedsafety management legislation and techniques forthis module.▪ You will need to carry out research into up to dateways of improving a safety culture▪ Come up with some innovations▪ Exam Question – how are you as a managergoing to improve safety? EXERCISE▪ Get together with a colleague and play thepart of a designer or a constructor▪ List Designers Risks▪ List duties of Contractors which willmanage and reduce risks▪ Give an example of where the interfacebetween us could be better▪ Share with others and keep for your exam!


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