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ASSIGNMENT Structures2 Learning Outcome no 1 & 2 Use modern analytical techniques to quantify complex forces acting upon elements and components in common use.Design structural steel and reinforced concrete elements used in bridges, water retaining structures, portal frames and multi-storey buildings. Justify the choice of material and design from a sustainability and CDM view point.    COURSEWORK Design and analyse a single storey retail store building or an industrial building,(Emphasis and choice should include either arches, trusses or portal frames, braced frames). Choose and justify the choice of material and design from a sustainability and CDM view point. Calculate all the loads, (Dead, imposed and wind) and analyse the structural frame manually and with confirmation with computer software. Design the main elements of the structure (Beams, Columns, Foundation, Floor slab, Retaining wall). Design the main connections.  Use the dimensions of the building as follows. Length = [(dd+MM+YY)*300] mm Width [(dd+MM+YY)*200] mm Submission Requirements You are required to submit a typed report not exceeding 3000 words addressing all the requirements in the brief above in a clear and concise manner. The assignment should be converted to a single PDF file and submitted electronically. All pictures, figures and any other work that does not belong to the author should be properly referenced using Harvard style of referencing. It is important that you understand the University regulations regarding plagiarism. Summary of Assessment Method:  Weighting:  70 % Assesses Learning Outcome 1 & 2. 


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