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The following question should be answered in the group written report. Identify and critically discuss the Operations Management Practices (OMP) in fashion (clothing) retail organisations (for example Zara, H&M, Debenhams, George etc.) in UK and critically evaluate how OMP influences the competitive performances of the selected organisation? 2500 words +/- 10%. You can pick any retailer, other than the examples given 1- Introduction Guiding the reader what is included in the assignment, sequence and brief explanation of the sections. Description of the current state of literature. 2- Literature Review Significance, breadth of sources, criticality, consistent referencing style, tightly connected with the topic/application and examples. 3- OMP Challenges Define the OMP adopted by the organisation that you think is the most suitable. 4- Discussion Compare findings with the literature 5- Conclusion discuss any recommendations and observations. 6- Overall Quality Logically written, overall, tightly connected with the question/topic, high quality of references, tables, figures and data used and referencing write a 300-words reflective report on  individual contribution to the group assignment, this is separate and is on top of the word count for report. We are 2 people, so we need 2, 300 word reflection to reflect on contribution to the group. I do not have any guidance here, just use imagination.


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