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[IOM21]UNIVERSITY OF BOLTONINSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENTBA ACCOUNTANCYSEMESTER ONE EXAMINATIONS 2017/2018INTRODUCTION TO LAW FOR ACCOUNTANTSMODULE NO: ACC4014Date: Friday 19th January 2018 Time: 10:00 – 12:00INSTRUCTIONS TO CANDIDATES: There are TWO questions on thispaper.Answer BOTH questions.All questions carry equal marks.Page 2 of 2University of BoltonInstitute of ManagementBA AccountancySemester One Examination 2017/18Introduction to law for accountantsModule No: ACC4014Providing legal advice for IOM Electronics LtdJohn is 21 years old and has very little work experience; he has just won £10 millionon the lottery. John has decided to buy a local company (IOM Electronics Ltd) with aview to also running the company himself. The company is a well-known regionalorganisation with 100 employees based over two sites in Manchester and Liverpool.John is well aware of the fact that he has no understanding of many of the practicalrequirements and responsibilities involved in running a business. He has hired you inthe role of a legal consultant to advise him in the following areas:1. Explain the processes and classifications involved in the development of UKlaw.(50 marks)2. Advise John as to the areas of employment law IOM Electronics Ltd mustrecognise and adhere to.(50 marks)END OF QUESTIONS


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