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TSTA602 Assignment 1April 9, 2021Instructions. Assignment 1 has a total of 10 marks and worths 10% of the finalgrade of TSTA602. The detailed marks allocation are provided at the beginningof each question. Unless otherwise specified, please calculate your answer to fourdecimal places if approximation is needed. This assignment is due at 5pm onFriday, 23th April 2020 (Week 4). Please submit your assignment before thedeadline, no late submission will be accepted unless a pre-approval from Lecturer isobtained. The assignment must be submittded via Moodle in a pdf format with thefile name ’firstname surname studentID.pdf’. Any assignment submitted throughemail (without pre-approval) will not be marked. Although this is an individual assignment, you are encouraged to discuss the assignment with your peers, but mustwrite down your own solution. Penalties will apply if two solutions have a highsimilarity.Task. Please fix the seed to our course code 602 (1 mark). Then, please completethe following data presentation and calculation exercise:Q1. (1 mark) Generate 25 data points (by using R) from a standard Normaldistribution (with the above fixed seed), and display the dataset in a table;Q2. (3 mark) Manually calculate the mean µdataset and standard deviation σdatasetof this dataset;Q3. (1 mark) Draw a histogram (by using R) for this dataset;Q4. (3 mark) Suppose X is N(µdataset, σdataset 2 ), manually calculate P(X ≤ 2.2276).Q5. (1 mark) Attach your R codes to the Appendix;1


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