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CommentsA small cheese maker specialises in two types of cheese –Brie and Goudathat he makes and sells in packets of 400 grams. The cheese maker has estimated that each packet of Brie uses 1.8 litres of special milk and 100 grams of special salt. For the Gouda cheese packet, the amounts of special milk and salt needed are 1.2 litre and 150 grams respectively. The cheese maker has a limited supply of special milk and salt and a maximum of only 120 litres of milk and 12000 grams of salt is made available each week.Once produced and sold, the Brie packet returns a £5profit and £4profit for the Gouda cheese. Required: 1.Enter the information on the table below intoan Excel file. You should also insert an appropriate formula for “Total profit” and quantity “Used” for each of the “milk” and “salt” resource in the cells as indicated below.PacketBrieGoudaQuantity00Total ProfitUnit profit (£)54Insert formulaUsedSymbolMaxMilk (litres)Insert numberInsert numberInsert formula120Salt (grams)Insert numberInsert numberInsert formula120002.Find the solution of the linear programming problem(using Excel Solver)3.Statethe production of each type of cheese that yield maximum profit.


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