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Soils and crops in Sandhills, Nebraska, US Introduction Industry size of beef production in sandhills of Nebraska, lists production system and location, states crop/pasture and livestock system that is directly relevant and complete. Concludes with report aims. Soil and Plants Description of Soil, climate, plant and on-farm workforce of beef production farms. Explain inputs and their costs, yield and its income value (use Planfarm???). Sandhills’s main soils properties (Make sure to references) PhysicalChemicalBiological Climate over 30 years AutumnWinterSpringSummerRainfallsTemperaturesHumidity plant part: Plant products used as feed and alternatives (see table below) Plant products used as feed and alternatives PlantNutritive valuePlant production costsExpected income from animal productsWaste disposal and environmental issuescorn silagesorghum silagealfalfahaylage On-farm workforce: family farm and cost of full time and casual labour. How many workers on average are hired? When are they hired? Inputs and their costs, yield and its income value InputsCostsFarm propertiesFull time labourCasual and seasonal labourMachineryMachinery repairs and maintenanceFuelSoil testHerbicidesFungicides (for crop and pasture)PesticidesFertilisersIrrigationGross Margin Profit of dairy productionProjected profit before tax Constraints (30) (210 words) Identify key constraints, and gap(s) in knowledge regarding the production system (or components) Bio-physical constraints (e.g., climate, water, soil properties, pests/weeds/diseases, etc.) to the agricultural system; description is justified and complete. Outstanding explanation of magnitude or likely order of importance of the constraints provided. Production system constraints for the crop/pastures ConstraintsDescriptionsImportance of constraintsClimateEarthquake. Flooding? Fire?WaterSoilWeedsPestsDiseases ComponentsKnowledge gapssoilclimateplantclimatewaterpests/weeds/diseasessoil propertieson-farm workforce Current Research (15) (110 words) ResearchRecommendationClimateNatural disasters: Earthquake. floodingWaterSoilWeedsPestsDiseasesProduction Conclusions (5) (35 words) 15 words heading 580 words. Group members’ contributions to tables’ contents. BenCarolGeideHarsimratMaddie References Moore GA, 2001. Soilguide (Soil guide) : a handbook for understanding and managing agricultural soils. Western Australia, Perth. . Bulletin 4343: 381. Walsh MJ, Harrington RB, Powles SB (2012) Harrington seed destructor: a new nonchemical weed control tool for global grain crops. Crop Science 52, 1343. doi:10.2135/cropsci2011.11.0608


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