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WEEK 3 NOTES: Requirements gathering and analysis: Preparation (Design) after week 4Interview with your client in week 4 or 5Analysis gets ready before week 6 class By week 6, you have to conduct the 2nd meeting with client and also finish the requirement analysis. Pin point-> Goals (user experience)-> open the black box so that u will be able to know detail functionality. –> the technology that can help you implement it. There is Gap between your current skills and skills that you needed for the development, so u can get that from ->the lecturer ->lecture, literature review. Literature review (week 3-week 4): It is more about theoretical part(what I have to do) which includes Provide the context = (background=issues) of the company and identify their needs (introduction- briefing, detailed context of the company)State of the arts (current industrial development-of your own solution-what is going on the market and what the client wants)Functionalities the current app/website had achieved-related to your issue (within the context of your organization) based on the what u learned from state of the art Technology review is about practical part(how am I going to do it). How the functionalities are achieved from the technology perspective.(main functionalities)Describe the current tech in achieving your proposed solutions(Interface(API, language) API(algorithm), Database, Server).(techniques of the entire architect) Summary: Provide a table (comparison among all of the current competitors/similarities)..(theoretical part).. main features, main functionalities, scale of the app etc based on your project)Summary for the second part(technological part)


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