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Assessment 2 – Dream House Construction Project – Construction Communication and Stakeholder Engagement Plan (65%)  PrevNext  Overview This assessment activity has multiple components, and the details, rubrics, templates and other information can found in the Assessment 2 Resources Folder. You will be required to create as parts of your Construction Communication and Stakeholder Engagement Plan: The project briefThe RACI ChartThe power/interest chartThe work breakdown structureThe risk registerThe site planThe floor PlanThe front elevation drawingThe section sample drawing This is a continuous assessment which means that you will complete sections of the assessment at regular intervals across the course, which will be marked and feedback provided to guide further learning. The whole assessment comprises two parts of a Construction Communication and Stakeholder Engagement Plan for a house construction project. Part A includes FIVE separate documents that will explain how you will successfully communicate the essential project information among the various stakeholders.  These five documents involve activities undertaken in Weeks 6,7 and 8 and are to be submitted as a single word document. Part B includes four separate drawings that will explain your design intent and basic specifications of construction materials to your client. The activities for Weeks 9 and 10 will guide the production of these drawings. All drawings must be submitted as scanned images in a single PDF document. As part of evaluating this drawings section, 2% of the total course grade will be considered based on your active contribution to the course activities, forums and discussions during the ten weeks. Background of the Dream House Construction Project The house construction project will be carried out on a parcel of land (Lot 15, Size 18m x 32m, See the ‘Assessment 2_House_Example.PDF’ for more details) that your client purchased five years ago located in a highly-populated CBD area.  As a project manager, you need to deliver a construction project information communication plan to manage various construction information and deliver a house to your client.  The construction site is located near the city’s main road with high traffic commuting traffic on weekdays. The houses adjacent to the construction site are heritage-listed buildings requiring careful planning and attention during the construction phase. Given this situation, if you are to build a house in this location, you will need to plan, develop and produce professionally written documents and drawings to communicate construction project information to all key project stakeholders from the outset to completing a project. For this assessment, please keep in mind the background of the house construction project in terms of the construction site (CBD area, heritage buildings etc.) and the design intent (Please refer to the Assessment 2_House_Example.pdf on the course website) as the design, constraints and other conditions will impact on the essential information required for the documents in Part A.  You are required to address how to plan, organise, and manage the critical information in Part A’s documents as a project manager. The project requires preparation and submission of all documents (Part A) and drawings (Part B) to successfully coordinate various stakeholders with essential project information and deliver the required house to a client. When completing the four components of Part A, which are named as Documents A1 to A4 as detailed below, please use the’ Assessment 2_House_Example’ document as the design you will construct for your client and develop a project information communication plan based on the project background (provided above), the design and the following guides. Assessment 2 Resources Folder Top of Form Bottom of Form Assessment 2 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)Interactive Content


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