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BSc (Hons) Health & Social Care with Foundation Year JUNE 2020 Cohort 4 Module Code: FND3004 Module Title: The World of Work Tutor Name: Manelle Bensoltane Student ID: Submission: 26th May 2021 Word count: (no more that 2200) Table of Content Discuss how work defines us in the UK and the changes to working practices over time since the industrial revolution. (2000 words- Max 2200) Define work. Give examples of work in contemporary societyExplain history of work- from when work was unpaid and was done to meet individual need to people start working for others. Talk a little bit about the industrial revolution. People working for need to people working for want.Explain the reason for changes in working practices.Explain two sociological theories in relation to work.Explain how these theories: look at work in society.Example: Marxism, Functionalism, Feminism and such.Explain how work and lack of it affect people (socially, physically and psychologically) with examples.Explain how work defines class in the British society.How work has changed now? How it has affected women? Working pattern, flexi working, working time-shifts, statutory holidays and such.ConclusionList of References


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