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1. General Information Project Name: Client: Prepared by: Date: Authorized by: 2. Project Objectives Please fill out this section by considering the following. Why is this project important and how will it be carried out?What deliverable, product or service will this project ultimatelyproduce?Who will use it?Who will it benefit? When the purpose of a project is clearly explained, and addressed, there will be less chance to misinterpret the scope of a project and misunderstand roles and responsibilities among stakeholders. Furthermore, a clear project objective will help to identify deliverables of a project. 3. Project Deliverables This is a document to discuss a high-level plan or information about a project. By preparing this table, you can more effectively discuss the scope of work and due dates with other key project participants. Please develop a table with no more than 12 deliverables by considering the flow of works. DeliverablesEstimated Schedule (Due Date)What are the key deliverables or milestone activities such as Tender Document or Gaining Building Approval of this project to deliver a final deliverable (a house)?When is this deliverable or milestone activity required to be completed? There are some due dates specified by a client and they must be included in here. You can arbitrarily put some due dates. For example, if a client wants to have a house by December, you need to calculate a timeline by considering deliverables and time for processing/producing them. Also, obtaining an approval from an authority might take longer than planned and this kind of consideration must be contained within a timelinePlease include the final deliverable at the end. 4. Project Information a. Project Critical Success Factors Please fill out this section by considering the following. How will you know that the project was a success?In order to deliver a final product to a client successfully, what do you need to focus on or plan carefully?e.g. budget, quality, time, etc.What must be delivered to satisfy a client?i.e. what are the most vital client requirements that impact on the client’s satisfaction?) b. Project Assumptions Please fill out this section by considering the followings. What assumptions are made for a project to be successful?For example, you could assume that: The specified construction materials by a client will be available at the construction stage.Sub-contractors will carry out quality work. The purpose of identifying assumptions is to identify information, works etc. that are not certain at the beginning of a project, and more importantly, these assumptions include uncertainties that might cause issues or problems in the later stage of a project, which can be considered project risks. c. Project Constraints Please fill out this section by considering the following. What kind of conditions may limit options for a project in terms of budget, resources, personnel, or schedule? For example, there might be constraints such as the following A limit on the number of staff that can be assigned to a project.The project budget has been fixed.A specific date for a project completion has been required by a client.


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