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To: name of tutor From: name of student Date: 14th March 2021 Subject: add title linked to case study – Job International (India) Ltd1. IntroductionDescribe what you are going to write about including what research you have done.2. FindingsQuestion 1 – Consultant to Mr Jacobs1a What would your recommendations be as to how Mr Jacobs should proceed? 1b What obstacles would you expect Mr Jacobs to meet in implementing your recommendations and how should these be overcome?Word Count 1,000 wordsQuestion 2 – Your response as Mr Jacobs in response to consultant’s report2a What action would you take and why?2b What obstacles would you expect to meet and how would you overcome them?Word Count 1,000 wordsQuestion 3 – Your response the Managing Director of JI (India) with an Action Plan for turning the situation round within six months and preparing the ground for the introduction of the Australian and North American business.3a What actions would you propose and why? No.What?Who?w/cw/cw/cw/cw/cw/c Why? 3b. What obstacles would you expect to meet and how would you overcome them?Word Count 1,000 words 4. Conclusion with reflection 5. Bibliography (using the Harvard Reference System)Appendix1. SWOT analysis2. PESTLE Analysis3. McKinsey 7-S Frameworketc Notes – delete after completing but use as a checklist. Learning Outcomes (LO) to be Assessed: Demonstrate knowledge and critical understanding of organisational change management theories. Knowledge & Understanding, EnquiryUndertake a critical analysis of the implications of organisational change. Analysis – strengths and weaknessesApply relevant organisational change management theory to practice. Problem Solving, Application – apply models to answers.


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