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WBS Instructions Please watch the following video before you create a WBS to refresh your understanding of a WBS. WBS © Learn Certification 19/2/18 Step 1. Define the Level 2 of Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) based on a Project Stage (called Phase in the above diagram) or a Major Deliverable, whichever helps you to develop a WBS more effectively. Please limit the number of Level 2 items of the WBS to Three Stages or Three Major Deliverables. In a real-life project, the Level 2 may define many stages or deliverables such based on the Project Stages such as Project Brief and Preparation Stage; Design Stage; Construction Stage; or Commissioning/Hand-over OR based on a Major Deliverable such as Foundation; Floor; Wall; Roof; Openings; Fit-outs; Substructure; Superstructure; Finishes; Fittings; or Services. However, if you define too many items Level 2, the following levels (Level 3 and Level 4) is likely to require a much more effort to decompose further. Step 2. Define the Level 3 of WBS. These should be deliverables (nouns), and please do not exceed three deliverables per each stage or deliverable from Level 2. As long as you can present essential work components/deliverables for project success, this WBS does not need to be too exhaustive. Step 3. Define the Level 4 of WBS. These should be Work Packages (nouns), and please do not exceed four work packages for each deliverable. For your information, the work packages will be further decomposed down to detailed activities level later which is not required at this point (e.g. Work Package is ‘Material Specification’. Then, this work package will be comprised of activities – a. Create an initial material specification; b. Review initial material specification; c. Update/Modify material specification; d. Finalise material specification). Thus, please consider activities that are required to complete a work package, and decompose the Level 3 Deliverable into Level 4 Work Packages. Normally, between 40 – 60 hours (5 to 8 working days) of workload would be recommended for a Work Package.


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