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4. PROJECT MANAGEMENT ( POPP 5013) The report must be submitted electronically via Turnitin on 11.5.21 12:00 Noon Assessment Briefing Note (Taken from Module Handbook) Write a 3000 word project report on your choice of one of the two case studies below. PROJECT CASE STUDY CHOICE A:City Music FestivalProject details: The Mayor wishes to hold a three day music festival with different stages across the city centre next summer. You must develop a project plan for the Music Festival which sets out how your team intends to manage the festival. The team will be responsible for planning the different music stages; managing relationships with stakeholders; managing health and safety; ensuring licenses are in place and developing media and publicity for events. The goal is to ensure events are delivered on time, on budget and at an appropriate standard. The City Music Festival will run in August next year. Your initial budget is £70,000.Useful reference:Newbold, C., Jordan, J., Kelly, P. and Diaz, K. (2019) Principles of Festival Management. Oxford: Goodfellow Publishers.(See e-copy on Resource List)Useful website: PROJECT CASE STUDY CHOICE B:Hospice Telephone HelplineProject details: You are a manager in a local hospice and the Chief Executive has asked you to set up a telephone helpline for family carers of patients who have a terminal illness. (A hospice typically provides supportive care to people in the final stages of life.) Although the patients receive excellent support from the doctors and nurses, there is a desire to improve support for carers to reduce their stress and isolation. It is anticipated that this will help them to maintain their caring role. You must develop a project plan to design a new hospice telephone helpline which sets out how your team intends to implement the helpline. Your team will be responsible for planning the different aspects of the project – setting up the helpline office; identifying the needs of key stakeholders (primarily the family carers); developing a staffing rota and ensuring the helpline team are cared for, especially as they will be advising on terminal illness. The goal is to ensure the helpline project is delivered on time, on budget and at an appropriate standard. You will use existing staffing resources and your initial budget is £25,000.Useful website: Guidance for completing the individual report Each student is required to submit an individual report of 3000 words (NOT including the project management diagrams – see below).The work will be assessed according to the marking matrix below* and in accordance with the Faculty of Business and Law Grade Descriptors on below. Students must ensure that they have covered all learning outcomes for the module in their work. What to put in the report The most important focus of the report is your choice of THREE of the project management tools below: PESTLE analysisWork Breakdown StructureGantt chartRisk Analysis and Mitigation(RACI) Matrix – Responsibility, Accountability, Consulted and Informed (RACI)Stakeholder Management Strategy When you write your report you are expected to: Describe, critically evaluate and discuss the application of each of the three tools you have chosen to the case scenario. This means you must introduce and describe each tool; explain how the tool is applied to the chosen case study in practice: and critically evaluate each of your chosen tools by assessing the strengths and weaknesses. You are expected to use references to do this. Draft a diagram for each of the three tools. By diagram we mean a table, register, Gantt Chart, Raci Matrix etc. This will be a pictorial representation of each tool drafted by you, pasted alongside the tool. You are not allowed to only cut and paste images taken from the internet(e.g Google images).However, you may use an image on the Net as a basis for your own work and amend it, but you must cite the source and then put ‘amended by author’. Please note that your diagram is NOT part of the 3000 word count. Marking matrix*1 The report will be marked using the DMU Postgraduate mark scheme assessment criteria, informed by these rubric criteria which will be used to assess your grade: Assignment Assessment CriteriaBackground explanation of the project context, including: Organisational, human resource, and project team issues How the project contributes to corporate social responsibility/ public value20%Description, critical evaluation and application of chosen project management tools45%Conclusions and recommendations for the project15%Use of appropriate academic literature and project management theory to exemplify key points and arguments10%Demonstration of good academic practice skills, through a fully referenced and professionally presented report10% The report must be submitted electronically via Turnitin on 11.5.21 12:00 Noon Word count On this module there is a tolerance on the 3000 word count of +/- 10%. What’s included in the word count? all the main substantive contentheadings/sub-headingstext tablesin-text citationsdirect quotationsfootnotes What’s excluded from the word count? **Your drafted diagrams of the three project management tools**title pagescontents listsreference listsappendices (separated submission on Turnitin)numeric data tables References It is important that you use a wide range of references in your report, to underpin your choice of tool and to show the relationship between project management practice and theory. Many of the references in the handbook and on the Resource List will be helpful. You will also find many useful web pages on project management tools on the internet and you are welcome to use these, but you must cite them correctly. You must use Harvard referencing in your report. It is not acceptable to only use web pages and you must also provide a good balance of academic literature (journal articles/books), ‘grey’ literature (policy documents and documents published by the APM and PMI, for example). In addition to the readings provided, you will be expected to identify additional references to use in your individual assignment. 1 Assessment of your assignment is undertaken according to De Montfort University’s postgraduate mark, available online from


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