Mechanical properties of 3D printed fibre reinforced composites | My Assignment Tutor

Word limit [3500 words]Due date:- 27-04-2021, 11:00 pm.Please write the assignment in the concise language, the writing should be in analytical.Please include at least 7-9 diagrams in total assignment.I provided only 3 pdf’s; please search more journals about the fibre reinforced materials from the google scholar.Don’t copy paste from the pdfs, please paraphrase everything write in your own word. Assignment format: Topic: – Mechanical properties of 3D printed fibre reinforced composites Literature review Fibre reinforced composites: Introduction about types of fibre reinforced composites from the Google scholar.interaction between matrix and composite materials: search in the Google scholarfibre alignment: search in the goggle scholarFibre composites: search in the goggle scholarMatrix techniques: search in the goggle scholarProperties of the fibre materials’: search in the goggle scholarRules of mixtures: search in google scholar MethodologyMaterials & methods: discuss the available fibre reinforced materials & existing methods from the PDF which i provided. Please include the diagram from the pdf. Please include the experimental procedure. Mechanical properties of the fibre reinforced materials’: please include diagrams for the each properties from the other journals Thermal conductivity: use the pdf which I providedInclude more mechanical properties from the Google scholarMathematical models of matrix composites: search in the goggle scholar, please include tables and diagrams Applications of fibre reinforced composites: use the word and pdf documents which I provided you. Discuss mainly about the biomedical application.Results & discussion: results and discussions from the other people work, explain other people work, use the PDF which I provided you, include tables and diagramsConclusion: stick with this statement, biodegradable polymers are the best compared to the othersResources:References: use the provided pdf’s as a reference and add a few additional journals from the Google scholar. At least 10 references [IEEE citation style]


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